• Youth for Technology Foundation’s 3D Africa hosts Silicon Lagoon In Lagos

      Youth for Technology Foundation’s 3D Africa will host Silicon Lagoon, a three-day economic mission organized by startups​.be and Close​ the Gap to Lagos, Nigeria. From March 21st​ and 23rd​,​ the Silicon Lagoon mission will enable participants to discover one of the most thriving tech ecosystems in the world, learn more about business opportunities in Africa, meet local business leaders, pitch to local and international investors, and network with entrepreneurs. During the mission, Youth for Technology Foundation 3D Africa students and team members will participate in hand-on activities such as co-creation workshops at CC Hub and NG_Hub, an interactive “Pow-Wow” at the Tony Elumelu Foundation, immersion sessions at local startups like LifeBank and Blackbit…

  • That Opportunity You Lost? It’s On You!

    I have watched young people squander opportunities. Opportunities that other less-fortunate or less-connected young ones pray, hustle, wish and would do anything for. I must say it hurts. It hurts like salt on a raw wound because i am a product of several opportunities myself. I was a nameless, stay-in-the-background, unnoticed intern when someone at NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) Kaduna looked at me and offered me a spot to try out in front of the camera. It was a dream i never thought would come true.

  • The Nigerian Youth Is Made For More…

    If i turn on the TV and i see one more singing or dancing competition ad, i think I’ll scream and punch somebody. As much as i don’t want this to sound like a rant, i can’t help but register my dismay at the proliferation of these “become instantly famous so called talent competitions”. Nigeria’s youth population is already plagued by a non-functional educational system, an economy in recession,  a political class that have no use for them except during elections, an astronomical decline in morality and a lack of direction.

  • Dear Young People, Please Don’t Be Stupid!

    My attention was drawn to the report about the two young women who drowned at Elegushi Beach over the weekend. Very sad indeed. I saw their friends and family calling on Government intervention to make our beaches safer. While i agree that public facilities like the beach need to be better safeguarded, maintained and protected, i strongly believe that we cannot afford to ignore personal responsibility. I grieve for the untimely death of those two lovely young women and indeed our government need to do better. But then i couldn’t help but remember all the reports of young people dying by drowning at beaches in Lagos..