• Sunmbo Adeoye Presents: Inspiring Change Conference 5th Edition

    Women entrepreneurs, corporate and business executives,  and aspiring Boss Babes!  The Inspiring Change Conference is back! Queens, this is NOT a conference you can afford to miss. The inspiring change conference is designed to not Just motivate you to maximize your potential and fulfill your dreams, it is also designed to provide practical information and access to the tools and the mentorship you need to step out and build your future. Hosted by Sunmbo Adeoye of ESOB events, Women speakers from all sectors of the economy will be speaking and be available to answer your questions. The main Guest speaker for the day is Pastor Nike Adeyemi Of Daystar christian…

  • The Church Needs To Get Comfortable With Women’s Bodies

    If you grew up a church girl like i did, chances are you were taught (directly or indirectly) to be ashamed of your body and your sexuality. You were told women’s bodies and clothing can cause men to “stumble” with lust. You grew up believing it was your responsibility to keep men pure and the way to do this, is to keep your body hidden and unnoticeable as much as possible. If you were a teenager who filled up too fast, you were viewed with suspicion and consistently preached at about ‘fornication’. If you were an adult female with noticeable curves, your choice of clothing, will be constantly criticised and…

  • Validate Yourself First, So You’re Not Hungry For Crumbs.

    Validation is a powerful thing. I didn’t know how much, until i had suffered the effects of not getting enough and searching for it in all the wrong places. The need to be seen, acknowledged, valued and validated is human. That’s why when we don’t get it, we thirst and we yearn. I was in that place for so long. Needing other people to acknowledge me, admire me, express their value of me before i acknowledge, admire and value myself. You know what this does to you?  It makes you become co-dependent.  Codependency is characterized by a person belonging to a dysfunctional, one-sided relationship where one person relies on the…

  • The Nigerian Woman Gets No Justice

    The more i see a powerful media, political or Hollywood figure get fired over allegations of sexual misconduct, the sadder i become. Not sad that these men are getting ousted or facing the consequences of their vile actions, sad that Nigerian women cannot partake of this wave of justice sweeping across the united States. The Nigerian woman has no one to stand up for her. The law is not on her side and the court of public opinion is largely influenced by a culture of patriarchy and victim blaming.

  • Stop Telling Me To ‘Get Used To It’!

    There is no fancy way of saying this; i am sick and tired of being told to ‘get used to it’. When boys pull my hair on the playing ground and laugh at my embarrassment while they push me to the ground, don’t tell me to get used to it because after all, ‘boys are just being boys ‘. When boys stalk me on the way home after class in secondary school, catcalling and whistling, pointing and laughing at my pubescent body, don’t tell me to get used to it because ‘I’m a girl and i should be flattered because it means the boys like me’.

  • I’m So Sorry. #MeToo.

    The first time i was sexually assaulted, i was 9 years old. Playing with a toy on the stairs leading to my mother’s shop. I remember him come up the stairs and rather than go on into the shop, he bent down to say hi to me. But he didn’t just say hi. I remember his hands moving into my dress as he kept asking me what I was doing on the stairs. I remember the glazed look on his face. his weirdly fixed smile as his hands assaulted me while i hurt. The sound of someone coming finally made him stop. The seeds of self loathing were sown that…

  • CSN Fashion Debuts The UZURI Collection!

    CSN is a clothing line founded by budding Nigerian designer; Cheche Smith. The CSN fashion brand represents style, quality and originality. The CSN BRAND is dedicated towards the African heritage, seeking to promote the beauty of the African people and culture, and it’s unique styles are delivered with a contemporary touch, hence they demand all their African models to undergo microneedling in Kuala Lumpur. CSN’s new collection of designs, made in different sizes, which they call ‘Uzuri’’  meaning Beauty in Swahili is a  collection that showcases the beauty and versatility of the African print.

  • #Equality; Let Your Life Be The Protest

    Conversations about gender equality had dominated the social media space (in Nigeria)this past week and everyone has been in a tizzy about it. As a Nigerian woman, raised in a largely patriarchal society, and seeing the injustice of unequal opportunities, you can understand how much i will push back against the boundaries and the system that creates those boundaries. As a Nigerian, christian woman however, things get a little tricky. Tricky because the injustice and inequality gets wrapped up in nice religious rhetoric and coated with wrongly interpreted scripture and poorly taught theology.

  • Embracing The Journey Of Growing Older…

    The Older i get, the more i realize i no longer want a lot of things i thought i wanted. I’ll call myself a late bloomer; It took me a while to really find myself and be friends with myself. The older i get, the more i become comfortable with the woman i am and the more i embrace and anticipate the woman i’m becoming. The older i get, the more self-aware i become. I am confident to say what i want, i make choices with certainty, i love without fear, and i work towards my purpose with clarity. I’ll turn thirty-three in July and i am looking forward to…

  • Join The Cause. Mobilize To End Violence Against Women!

    “Violence against women and girls is a human rights violation, public health pandemic and serious obstacle to sustainable development. It imposes large-scale costs on families, communities and economies. The world cannot afford to pay this price.” — Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General. Today is  The International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women. “One in three women around the world experience violence in their lifetime, often in the hands of someone they know, love and trust. Violence against women and girls, a gross human rights violation, devastates lives, causes untold pain, suffering and illness. It also incurs high economic costs. A recent study estimated that the cost of intimate-partner accounted…

  • My Take On The Apostle Paul & His Alleged Sexism

    When I read some of the things Paul wrote about women, especially looking at it through 21st century lens, it’s easy to understand why many (especially Non-Christians) consider Paul to be quite sexist. As a Christian feminist woman who strongly believes in equality, and a great fan of Paul the Apostle, needless to say I found this rather disturbing, and that led me to ask the uncomfortable questions and seek to understand what led my favorite Apostle in the bible to write the words he did.

  • How To Avoid Implulse Buying

    I was an almost incurable impulse shopper until it started telling on my finances. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and his restrain, i can boldly say, even though I’m not where I’m supposed to be, I’m doing OK and I’m on my way! I found this great article on Yookos, and i believe it will help you if you’re an impulse shopper.