• Longsuffering. The Nigerian Man’s Definition Of A Good Woman

    LONGSUFFERING DEFINITION: “having or showing patience in spite of troubles, especially those caused by other people.” The Nigerian man’s definition of a good woman is the “longsuffering” woman. The one who will take every bullshit, tolerate bad behaviour, live with disrespect and disloyalty. The one who can be lied to and is guaranteed to not ask questions. The one who will labour and grow old and brittle, still labouring without compensation or acknowledgement, help, relief or appreciation because she’s been told it’s her duty to labour. It’s what is expected. The one who will endure verbal, emotional, psychological and even physical abuse because she’s been told a ‘a good woman’…

  • #GuestPost – Why I Am “Age Queer” By @NellyLaoni

    The term ‘queer’ is never really associated with age. It is now firmly placed within the LGBTQI+ community. It is a term associated with identity. I would like to acknowledge the controversy surrounding this new term “age queer” and I apologize should this be considered offensive, but I hope that I can appropriate this for good. According to an article on Bustle.com by Lindsay Denniger “queerness isn’t a trend, it’s a human being’s identity in the current socio-political climate”. I agree. Urban dictionary defines “age queer” as used to describe persons who feel that their chronological age does not fit into the persona they wish to present to the world…

  • I Became A Grown Woman In 2017

    2017 has been an incredible year. These two words describe the year for me: DISCOVERY FREEDOM I discovered there was more to who i believed i was. I discovered the reasons behind some life experiences, i discovered parts of me that i wasn’t aware of, i discovered truth. With discovery came freedom. In 2017, i broke free. I became free from lies i had believed for many years, i became free of societal expectations about what should make me happy, i became free to love myself, love others and be genuinely happy. I dropped my baggage in 2017. I dropped my pain, my anger,my insecurities and my fears. In 2017,…

  • GUEST POST: Women Are Like God! By @Ms_Affy

    Women were created to assist God in creation.  They were hand crafted by God to perform specific functions pertaining to them and cannot be compared in any way to the compared to the masculine gender because they were also designed by God to perform uniquely as well. Women exist because of who they are (identity) and what they were created to do on earth (significance). They were designed to ‘birth’- bring people into existence and that’s what creation simply means strictusensu.

  • WOMAN; You Are ‘Ezer Kenegdo’!

    The Hebrew words used to describe woman as a helper in Genesis 2:20,  are ‘ezer kenegdo. The word ‘ezer means “helper” and is never used in the Old Testament to refer to an inferior or to a subordinate. In fact, the word is used in reference to God as our helper (Psalm 10:14; 30:10; 54:4; 70:5; 72:12; 121:2). Clearly God is not our subordinate. ‘Ezer is a sign of strength and power. Kenegdo is a Hebrew preposition and adverb meaning “corresponding to” or “face to face,” so it is best understood as meaning that Eve was a fitting partner for Adam, for she was like him. Eve was created as…

  • Yes, You Can & You Should Pray For Bae!

    This is not really meant to be a ‘relationship or marriage coach’ kinda post. (Apologies in advance if it reads like that). I just really want to share about how important prayer is in our relationship with our partners. Whether married, engaged or dating, if you’re in love and romantically involved with someone, you cannot take prayer out of the relationship. Let me start by saying that if you do not have the confidence to bear down to talk to God about the person you’re with, you might want to check the foundations of that relationship and be honest with yourself if you should be with that person. See, God…

  • Dear Young Woman, You’re Made To Soar!

    Beware of the subtle attempts at ‘remolding’.  All those “why don’t you…?, You’re too… , You will be perfect if you…,  subtle criticisms that chip, chip and keep chipping at you until you lose your drive and before you fully realize what is happening, you have been remolded from a woman God has created to be outstanding and extraordinary, into a basic, average woman. Some of you single women are in the process of losing yourself in a relationship. you set aside your dreams, your ambition, you have even changed your fashion and style just because you want to be “perfect ” for someone else.

  • 8 Traits of a Confident Woman

    1. She’s had enough. When you’ve had enough of living for someone else, pleasing others, craving others’ approval or of those who bind your life with theirs; when you’ve had enough of the fear of confronting someone or are ready to stand up for yourself, you’re walking in your God-given confidence. When you are ready to step out of these types of situations and follow God fully, you are a confident woman.

  • The Seven Secrets Of A Confident Woman

      Secret #1 A confident woman knows that she is loved The first and most important secret to being a confident woman is to know that you are loved by God unconditionally. Romans 5:8 says, …God shows and clearly proves His [own] love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us. Even if your natural father did not really love you properly, you can still get the love and acceptance you missed in your childhood from God.