• Worried about being scammed by online vendors? Check out my list of trusted plugs for what you need

    Ecommerce has been around for a while now, and while it’s given people like me all kinds of convenience and flexibility in making purchases, it hasn’t completely erased my underlying trust issues. And I have good reasons to not be completely trusting too; especially when dealing with Nigerian retailers in Nigeria. Just go through social media timelines talking about vendors and you’ll read the horror stories. From failed deliveries, to damaged products, false advertising, horrible customer service to outright fraud. As someone who does over 70% of my shopping online (including food), over time, I have developed a personalized list of tried and trusted vendors and I believe i will…

  • How To Avoid Implulse Buying

    I was an almost incurable impulse shopper until it started telling on my finances. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and his restrain, i can boldly say, even though I’m not where I’m supposed to be, I’m doing OK and I’m on my way! I found this great article on Yookos, and i believe it will help you if you’re an impulse shopper.