• SUFFERING AND SMILING: Nigerian Radio Broadcasters Live In Professional Dysfunction

    When I started my career in the broadcast media industry over a decade ago, it was with enthusiasm, bright eyed excitement and a conviction that I was finally on my destined path to greatness. I’m still as enthusiastic as before and definitely convinced that I’m exactly where I need to be, but the bright eyes and naivety has been replaced with a shrewd gaze at every so called “opportunity” in the industry. I am currently on a very necessary break from broadcasting and for the last few months, I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together to fully express my concerns about the cesspool of corruption, mismanagement and employee abuse…

  • LISTEN: The Nuances Of Helping Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

    Intimate partner violence is one of the most common forms of violence against women and includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and controlling behaviours by an intimate partner. Intimate partner violence1 (IPV) occurs in all settings and among all socioeconomic, religious and cultural groups. IPV refers to any behaviour within an intimate relationship that causes physical, psychological or sexual harm to those in the relationship. While we work to help survivors leave the situation and environment of abuse, what happens in cases where abusers ask for help & their victims do not want to leave the relationship? Nigerian Broadcast Journalist, Nelly Kalu and I discuss this on my radio show.…


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  • INTRODUCING: #BantsCentral; Join The Conversation!

    Radio provides an audio and virtual café for listeners to meet up, be entertained, informed and share new insights and discoveries. On The BANTS CENTRAL radio show, you will experience the coming together of various mindsets and opinion on various issues. The conversation is fluid and flexible, it’s lighthearted and inclusive. Hosted by Four of Ibadan’s finest and opinionated minds, BANTS CENTRAL is sure to keep you glued to your radio sets every Wednesday and Sunday from 6pm – 7pm on R2 92.9 FM Ibadan. You can follow the show on twitter @BantsCentralNG and Listen online –>  HERE


    Are you interested in a career on Radio or a young broadcaster looking for training and networking opportunities? BROADCAST RADIO MASTER CLASS (BRMC) is designed for young people who are thinking of a career in broadcast. BRMC is a full-day conference comprising a variety of seminars, hands-on skills sessions and lectures. The goal of this workshop is to provide practical advice for getting into and getting on in the radio industry The one-day intensive workshop gives the participants the opportunity to connect and network with established media practitioners, ask relevant questions and most importantly, learn the basics of their intended career. The facilitators are seasoned, tested and professional broadcasters, Voice…

  • Just In Case You No Longer Hear Me On Radio….

    Hehehe! Don’t be scared. I’m still very much on air. But my schedule has changed. You can now listen to me at these times: Monday – Friday: RADIO AFTER DARK: 1am – 5am Thursdays: TALK ENTERTAINMENT: 11am – 12:noon Sundays: THE REFRESH: 9am – 12noon   There you have it! I am still on radio and looking forward to hearing from you!

  • #TheRefresh Episode 3 – Facing The Truth About Yourself

    Hi Guys! This sunday’s episode of #TheRefresh was quite reflective. Listen to FLOROCKA and I talk about facing the truth about yourself. It takes great courage to tell yourself the truth about yourself and face your issues head on. Listen to this episode of #TheRefresh and join us again on sunday on 99.3 Nigeria Info.

  • #TheRefresh – Episode 2 – Speaking Christianese

    Hey guys! We are back! and guess what? I got myself a new co-host on #TheRefresh on sundays. In The first episode, i had a guest who connected so well with the audience and the show, the feedback was amazing. So, long story short, we got to continue the show together! Yiipiiee!! This episode, we talked about common “christianese” sayings that are misleading and somethings we say in the church that do not properly communicate our message. Ladies and Gentlemen, FLOROCKA in the building! Listen up and Join us again on sunday!

  • #TheRefresh – Episode 1 Feat. @Florocka

    Happy new month everyone! Welcome to september. Something new has been added and i am undoubtedly excited to share it. Remember i told you about the new radio show called THE REFRESH.  To God’s glory, the first episode aired on sunday (30th August 2015) and for those of you that missed it, you can catch up with it here and on soundcloud. Please listen, drop a comment and if you’ll like to be on the show, or advertise your event on it, you know how to reach me! ?

  • Why You Really Wanna Wake Up Early On Sundays!

        I am so excited about this! Music is sacred, it’s spiritual and it definitely changes people. And when i am being given the opportunity to play music that speaks to the soul, you bet i’m gonna jump at it with all i’ve got. So, from this sunday, you can tune in to 99.3 Nigeria Info FM EVERY SUNDAY at 5am for an amazing time of the word. music, soul stirring interviews like you’ve never heard before.  The show is called THE REFRESH and it will be hosted by me and my colleague and friend, Adenike Oyetunde. (she’ll do one sunday, i’ll do the next…. and so on…) If you’re…

  • My Interview With @Omojuwa (Audio Download)

    If you’re a young person active on social media and who takes an interest in how Nigerians are being governed, then the Name Japhet Omojuwa won’t be strange to you.  Now i must confess i had my opinions about him before i met him ( i mean, who would’nt? ) and i actually told him as much when we met.