• SUFFERING AND SMILING: Nigerian Radio Broadcasters Live In Professional Dysfunction

    When I started my career in the broadcast media industry over a decade ago, it was with enthusiasm, bright eyed excitement and a conviction that I was finally on my destined path to greatness. I’m still as enthusiastic as before and definitely convinced that I’m exactly where I need to be, but the bright eyes and naivety has been replaced with a shrewd gaze at every so called “opportunity” in the industry. I am currently on a very necessary break from broadcasting and for the last few months, I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together to fully express my concerns about the cesspool of corruption, mismanagement and employee abuse…

  • INTRODUCING: #BantsCentral; Join The Conversation!

    Radio provides an audio and virtual café for listeners to meet up, be entertained, informed and share new insights and discoveries. On The BANTS CENTRAL radio show, you will experience the coming together of various mindsets and opinion on various issues. The conversation is fluid and flexible, it’s lighthearted and inclusive. Hosted by Four of Ibadan’s finest and opinionated minds, BANTS CENTRAL is sure to keep you glued to your radio sets every Wednesday and Sunday from 6pm – 7pm on R2 92.9 FM Ibadan. You can follow the show on twitter @BantsCentralNG and Listen online –>  HERE

  • Register Now! Practical Hands-On Training For Aspiring Radio Presenters!

    The Broadcast Radio Master Class is a training program designed for aspiring radio presenters that uses a mentor-apprentice model for learning. Every radio course is custom designed to teach radio presentation basics as an introductory course for beginners and a refresher course for practicing broadcasters. The entire training program is organised to fit into your availability and targets your individual goals and interests. The Classroom session is a full day intensive workshop that covers the following areas: Basics of Radio Presenting Radio Show Prep Essentials (Planning, Structure and Production) Speaking, Pronunciation and Elocution Microphone and Voice Over Technique and Artistry Introduction to Radio production and Jingle software Radio Broadcast Ethics. All…

  • The Ultimate Teacher For Aspiring Radio Presenters

    The best qualified person to develop your natural skills is a working and experienced radio presenter. The reason is simple: They already do it for a living, and they know what it takes to succeed. Equally important, they provide you two vital components that few others can offer – access and leverage. If you work with a mentor, you can access their relevant knowledge and contacts and leverage their broadcasting experience to work in your favor by shortening your learning curve. Their contacts indirectly become your contacts. Their experience is directly passed on to you.