• OPPORTUNITY! Free Film-Making Boot Camp by Lagos Film Academy

    The Lagos Film Academy, powered by the Global Philanthropy Alliance, presents the ‘Film for Life’ project! The project, now it is third edition, is offering $5,000 worth of funding and support to a team of young aspiring filmmakers who want to make their first film! The top three teams who apply will be invited to an all expenses paid film-making boot camp, and the winning team will receive the $5,000 of support to make a short film to encourage citizen involvement and integrity in the electoral processes for Nigeria’s 2019 general elections. Applications are now open until 19 November, 2018, to youth based in Lagos, Nigeria. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 who are interested in making their first film. You are to apply in teams of three (3)consisting of a…

  • That Opportunity You Lost? It’s On You!

    I have watched young people squander opportunities. Opportunities that other less-fortunate or less-connected young ones pray, hustle, wish and would do anything for. I must say it hurts. It hurts like salt on a raw wound because i am a product of several opportunities myself. I was a nameless, stay-in-the-background, unnoticed intern when someone at NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) Kaduna looked at me and offered me a spot to try out in front of the camera. It was a dream i never thought would come true.