• Guest Post : Oga Pastor, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense!

    Women have been saddled with the responsibility of bearing the burden of the reckless actions of men for millennia and each time we make advancement in dismantling these damaging traditions, there’s a pastor or some other religious leader, waiting to undo all our progress with a single sermon. A couple of weeks ago, we saw a pastor stand before a congregation and blame women for men’s promiscuity. We saw him describe men as beings with uncontrollable sexual impulses who depend on women for reminders of self control. This point of view sadly held by a largely patriachial religious community, is very damaging for women.

  • Dear Men; Women Are Not Inferior To Us – FLOROCKA

      Dear Men, Society, tradition and culture has schooled us that women were made by God to do our bidding; that they are lesser than us and must be subdued, tamed and kept on a leash. These entities have refused to acknowledge the role God has destined for the woman in creation. They have told us nothing but lies! Even if a woman behaves unseemly, stubborn and refuses to adapt or conform to what we call ‘accepted behavioral patterns’, it doesn’t give us the impetus to ‘trample’ on them.