• SUFFERING AND SMILING: Nigerian Radio Broadcasters Live In Professional Dysfunction

    When I started my career in the broadcast media industry over a decade ago, it was with enthusiasm, bright eyed excitement and a conviction that I was finally on my destined path to greatness. I’m still as enthusiastic as before and definitely convinced that I’m exactly where I need to be, but the bright eyes and naivety has been replaced with a shrewd gaze at every so called “opportunity” in the industry. I am currently on a very necessary break from broadcasting and for the last few months, I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together to fully express my concerns about the cesspool of corruption, mismanagement and employee abuse…

  • EVENT: #DigitalMediaTalk With ELSIE GODWIN

    I’m excited to be a panelist at #MeetsMedia’s Digital Media Talk with Elsie Godwin because the event provides a platform for digital media content creators, advertising and marketing professionals to interact, network and learn from industry leaders. The Theme is ‘Blogging As a Tool For Social Change’ and The media chat will be a live broadcast event. Register to attend HERE

  • Broadcasting Is A Privilege

    The media industry has changed over the years. Radio presenters used to be anonymous. We were just voices and with just our voices, we developed our ‘on-air’ personalities. We were not ‘personalities’ because we talked on radio, we became personalities over time,through the things we said and how we said them. When i was in Uni, i learned about the agenda setting function of the media, where in choosing and displaying news, editors, newsroom staff, and broadcasters play an important part in shaping political reality. Readers and listeners learn not only about a given issue, but also how much importance to attach to that issue from the amount of information…

  • INTERSWITCH Is Indeed Changing The Way We Do Business!

    INTERSWITCH Group has launched a new set of TV Commercials to share the story of the company’s enabling of digital payments and commerce, and to connect their brands; Verve and Quickteller with everyone. The TV commercials tell the story of curiosity that lead discoveries and innovations, seeing the bigger picture and constantly seeking answers to questions that will ensure customers enjoy safer, faster and smarter transactions. The Verve story captures the human spirit of freedom, resilience and strength to go beyond borders and excel in the face of challenges or imperfect situations.

  • EVENT: FREE Broadcast Media Training At: SUCCESS STORIES AFRICA!

    This Saturday, I will be facilitating a broadcasting session at SUCCESS STORIES AFRICA. Success Stories Africa is an annual gathering of young Africans for an empowerment towards personal, national and global transformation. The aim is to bring young people in neglected areas, to be challenged and empowered with previously unknown stories of seasoned achievers, innovators and record breakers who will reveal breakthrough ideas, lessons, challenges, habits and principles that have shaped their lives.

  • Are You Willing To Take The Back Seat?

    I woke up this morning to see this quote, and as usual, the instinctive response was to click “like” and move on. But then it stayed on my mind and i realized that God wanted me to think about it. How easy it is to take the back seat? In a world and society where you are expected, instructed and advised to promote yourself, push yourself forward and put yourself first above all others.

  • Guest Speaking In UNILAG On The 30th! Coming?

    I am so excited to be a guest speaker at the ‘TAG Along’ initiative which is in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts Students Association (FASA) University of Lagos. ‘TAG’ is an acronym for ‘Town and Gown’ and it generally represents an avenue to bridge the gap between career aspirations at the citadel of learning (Gown) and Professional practice (Town).