• About Church Leaders And Scandals…

    Scandals happen in the church. It shouldn’t, but it does. It discourages the flock, and even the non-believers, but we cannot erase the fact that it happens. However, it is not just a recent phenomenon. these scandals have been happening for a long time– since the beginning of Christianity, but thankfully, we have New Testament instruction about how to deal with them.

  • Some Things Christian Leaders Should Know – By Damola Johnson

    I am so blessed to have amazing friends who inspire me and whose writings encourage and motivate me so much. One of them is Damola Johnson. If you’re familiar with this blog, you already know who he is.  So i was stalking his facebook page (like i usually do, lol), and he has written this inspiring piece on Christian Leadership. If you’re a leader in your local assembly, in whatever capacity, this is definitely for you! Check it!