The #IdentiFIGHT prayer journal is a 10 step devotional that helps you study and pray through to freedom from insecurity and low self esteem.  here’s introducing the audio devotional to help you along as you use the book. Each podcast will cover each step in the devotional.  Please download and listen as often as you can while you take your time on each step.

  • #IdentifightIBADAN In Pictures…

      Saturday 23rd September 2017 will always be a day to remember. Not just for me, but for everyone who attended #IdentifightIBADAN. The joy, the laughter, the connection, the community and the life lessons we learned. Dolapo Obisesan captured the moments beautifully in these photos below :

  • #IdentifightIBADAN Praise Report!

    #IdentifightIBADAN is the testimony of God’s word coming to pass. God gave me an assignment; to go tell his daughters how loved and valuable they are,to bring words of healing and encouragement and to tell his daughters that its time to come home. God wants his daughters back. It started with my own life. my own brokenness; the lessons I’ve learned and i am still learning. looking at myself, i am unqualified but uniquely positioned.

  • #IdentifightIBADAN: Meet The Speakers – Gwendolyn Oshoniyi

    They call her Boss Lady Gwen!  Gwendolyn Oshoniyi is General Manager at R2 92.9 FM IBADAN. Behind the dazzling smile is a woman who has climbed up the ladder of success with determination, a strong will to succeed and a heart open to God. She loves people and she’s always willing to reach out a hand of hope to anyone who needs it. Her story and her life inspires me and I know it will bless you too. Connect with  Lady Gwen at #IdentifightIBADAN on Saturday 23rd September at THE EMPOWERMENT CENTER 112 RING ROAD IBADAN. it’s free!  

  • #IdentifightIBADAN! Meet The Speakers- Folakemi Arowolo

    Folakemi Arowolo. The name ‘folakemimighty’ absolutely describes her. Amazing radio personality, mentor to young women, woman of faith and mummy to not just her own son but many sons. Behind that smile is a story of challenges, obstacles and triumph! Winning with a quiet strength. Connect with @folakemimighty at #IdentifightIBADAN on the 23rd September at THE EMPOWERMENT CENTER, 112 RING ROAD IBADAN. ATTENDANCE IS FREE! Register HERE

  • #IdentifightIBADAN! Meet The Speakers- Omotunde Adebowale-David

    Popularly known as Lolo1 of Wazobia FM & ‘Adaku’ in the TV Comedy Series “Jenifa’s Diary”, Omotunde Adebowale-David is a woman of many sides. A trained Lawyer, a professional radio and TV presenter, an amazingly talented actress, a public speaker and brand ambassador, all while being a mother of four beautiful kids. A trained Lawyer, a professional radio and TV presenter, an amazingly talented actress, a public speaker and brand ambassador, all while being a mother of four beautiful kids. How does she juggle all these roles? What are the hard lessons she has learned from Life? What are the challenges life has thrown at her and how has she…

  • #IdentiFIGHT IBADAN Is On The 23rd September!

    On the 23rd September 2017, women of all ages and all works of life will gather at The Empowerment Center; 112, ring road Ibadan to connect, talk and worship. #IdentiFIGHT is a program that fosters community among women and encourages every woman to connect with God, find purpose and also confront issues of insecurity and identity crisis. Our guest speakers will share their personal stories of pain and triumph and also share how they have faced their battles and stayed winning.  The conversation will be open, honest and vulnerable.

  • IdentiFIGHT Is Coming To Ibadan!

    Insecurity is mean. Yes. Mean! Its a thief that robs us of our joy, our purpose, real relationships and most importantly, our identity. So many of us women have been robbed of the knowledge of our true identity and we go through life wearing a mask. We have mastered the art of covering up and patching up our emotional pain and we go through life smiling while wounded inside. Smiling while insecure. Not exactly sure who we are but covering up with our material achievements. At IDENTIFIGHT Ibadan, we will strip those layers and discover who we really are. We will embrace who God has called us to be. We…

  • #TheFavoredWoman Presents; IdentiFIGHT!

    Few days ago, i shared a little bit about growing up insecure and all the baggage that comes with it.  I talked about wanting to sit down with you and not just talk about it, but offer help, encouragement, motivation and prayer for anyone who might be going through the same thing. Our insecurity is from how we emotionally think about ourselves, sometimes rooted in how we were raised, our life experiences and some of the words spoken over us as we grew up.  Some of us have had our self-esteem battered over the years and we don’t even know how much this is affecting our everyday life Insecurity and…

  • INTRODUCING: ‘IdentiFIGHT’ – The Fight For The Real You!

    Once upon a time, I didn’t like myself very much. I didn’t like how I looked, I didn’t think I was particularly bright (most likely because I grew up being told I was stupid) I was a sensitive and an emotional child and the many negative comments thrown at me affected me deeply. Growing up in a single parent household, I was a rebellious teenager with identity crisis and self-worth issues.  At a young age, I became a people pleaser who will go to great lengths for other people just to be liked and be accepted. Let’s just say that emotionally, I was a wreck and while this followed me…