• How To Be Christian In Nigeria

    Being a Christian in Nigeria is not enough. You have to be a good Christian. A God-fearing one. In Nigeria, being God fearing is very important. it’s the only qualification that matter. If you’re a man, being God fearing is enough to make you marriage worthy. But as a Nigerian, It’s not enough that you’re God fearing though, you must be seen to be. Afterall, what use is your fear of God if everyone cannot see it and commend you for being such a God fearing person? So make sure everyone knows how God fearing you are. Make sure you have a bold church bumper sticker that says “I am…

  • He Chose Me! Can You Believe That?!

    “You were in a faraway country, but I reached out to you. I called you from that faraway place. I said, ‘You are my servant.’ I chose you, and I have not rejected you. ” – Isaiah 41:9 ERV This verse is the story of my life. For so long i didn’t know though and even now, i sometimes need reminders. These days, i find myself marvelling at how God could take an obscure small town girl raised by an average single parent, insecure, hurt, broken and abused, put all that together and create something and someone beautiful and extraordinary.

  • My Very First Fathers Day!

    I never liked fathers day. Not because I didn’t like fathers, but because every celebration of fathers day reminded me of the void in me that I’ve always tried to fill. It reminded me of the relationship i wish I had. Today is different though. For the very first time I really am celebrating fathers day. I’m celebrating my father without any wishful thinking or void in my heart because I have finally accepted the truth that I have always had a dad. I’ve been going through life listening to the devil’s lies that I have no father looking out for me. I lived all 32 years of my life…

  • Thy Will Be Done…

    Mark 8:34 (ERV) This season God is reaching out to his children all over the world across all platforms. Don’t miss the move of God by holding on to your desires and wants and ambitions. Your true fulfillment comes from walking the path God has marked out for you. Let go and let God! Thy will be done oh lord…! Thy will only be done.

  • It’s All About Process…

    God is all about “Process”. A lot of times, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the lessons we learn along the way. My process is different from yours and yours is different from mine. Yours might be easy. Mine might not be. Either way, we will both learn our lessons. You might learn faster than me; i might learn faster than you. At the end of the day, we have both been trained, been pruned and been built. And we are who we were meant to be.

  • God Does Have A Sense Of Humour…

    I know this might be difficult for some people to come to terms with, but yes; God does have a sense of humour.  I have to say this because of the recent bible story jokes trending on twitter and the way some folks are reacting to it and calling it blasphemy. Social media might have its shortcomings but one cannot deny the fact that it’s the very hub of the most hilarious social interaction and ideas. At the snap of a finger, someone drops a tweet and it becomes a trend that spreads like wildfire.

  • The Mixture Of God And Entertainment. How It Works For Me…

    People keep telling me how I’m too “Jesusy” on social media. (On twitter particularly) strangers and acquaintances and colleagues friends always ask me: “don’t you think you are taking this God and Jesus thing too far? Then they proceed to “enlighten” me how being too “religious” on twitter is affecting my “image” and how it can be bad for my “brand”. Sometimes I try to explain, other times, I can’t just be bothered.  I know they mean well. After all, from most people’s point of view, media and entertainment do not mix with God. Because the entertainment industry is supposed to be “sinful” and “ungodly” and entertainers are usually not…

  • It’s The Small Acts Of Obedience That Make A Difference

    How does it make sense to pray for guidance in the future if we are not even obeying the things that lie before us today? When we look at scripture, there are so many ‘momentous’ events that simply depend on one person’s seemingly small act of obedience. Be rest assured, do what God tells you to do now, and, depend upon the fact that you will be shown in due course whats next. Love ya!

  • In Case You Ever Doubt Being Loved…

    Do you know why a lot of people get really hurt in relationships? It’s because human love is inherently selfish. People look toward themselves for love and acceptance, and they keep searching for the validation of their existence in other human beings. Unfortunately, they can never find it.

  • I Am In Love With A Man I’ve Never Met

    I am in love with a man I’ve never met. And although I don’t know every quirk in his personality or the shape of his face, I do know what his heart looks like. He is big enough to be gentle and great enough to be thoughtful. His shoulders are broad enough to bear the burden of a family. His lips are strong enough to smile and firm enough to say, “No.”

  • The Perfect Hiding Place

    Have you ever watched children play hide and seek? They look for the best place to hide in the house or yard and wait quietly for their friend to try to find them. It’s a fun game for kids, but even as adults, we need a good place to hide from time to time.  

  • Over One Year Of Living Celibate And Still Counting…..

    I never thought a day will come that I will put this down in black and white, but here I am, spilling the beans! December 2012, I ended a rather stormy and ungodly engagement at a time of my life when confusion reigned as king. You see, I’ve lived most of my young-adult life as a Christian in name and in appearance only.

  • Much Ado About Valentine’s Day..

      I believe the most widely celebrated day all over the world which unites every race, and religion apart from New Year’s Day, is Valentine’s Day.  Some call it “Lover’s Day”. It’s supposed to be the day lovers celebrate their love and would-be lovers declare their intentions.

  • Do You Think About What You’re Thinking About?

    Some people are very unhappy, and they have been that way so long that they no longer realize there is another option. I can well remember being like that. I blamed my unhappiness on the way others behaved. I thought my husband and children caused me the most unhappiness. If they would change and just be a little more sensitive to my needs, I knew I’d feel better. If they would help around the house more, volunteer to run errands, or just ask how I was doing, I knew I’d be happy.