• Time To Participate In This Season’s #EasterRiceGiveAway!

    Acknowledging the overwhelming number of underprivileged people in our communities, EGB Charity Outreach is committed to giving 10kg bags of rice to indigent families in desperate need this Easter season. During this give away, 50 families will get one bag each. These bags of rice will be distributed to widows, single mothers and others in need. You can please support this drive by buying a 10kg bag of rice for N3500 for @ least One family Donate to —> 0070195322 Diamond Bank Account name: Experience God’s Blessing Foundation For more details follow @Inzaghi1 on twitter.   

  • Benue Flood Support: Here’s How To Help…

    The downpour of August 27, 2017 flooded 24 communities in the Makurdi metropolis of Benue State Nigeria, affecting 81,921 persons from 2,769 households, while submerging and/or impacting 1,574 houses. While, the water level is most areas have receded, there is need to support the victims through donation of food items, distribution of relief materials, and medical intervention. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

  • #1000HelpingHands – Let’s Get 100 Children Back To School

    Whatever their conditions in life, children have the same inner ability to be great. We strive to unlock their limitless potentials. Education and self-empowerment are crucial aspects to achieving our goal of sustainable intervention in the life of every child. Education provides the opportunity of inclusion in the social and economic systems. We want children to have the basic capability to participate in the development of their society. Over 10.5million Nigerian children are out of school, the largest globally. At the Destiny Trust, we put a face to this number; they are the children we encounter on the streets and disadvantaged communities.

  • My Pastor & My Money!

    I’ll probably get roasted for this but what needs to be said, need to be said. We get carried away by so many things in the 21st century Pentecostal Christian community and the earlier we realize how much we’re hurting ourselves the better. The subject of money and giving has been a controversial issue within the church. Perhaps it’s because church members feel ripped off when they see their leaders driving the latest cars, living in mansions, vacationing in choice countries and their kids getting educated in expensive schools. Church members wonder why they have to pay for their pastor’s expensive lifestyle while they struggle to make ends meet.

  • #1000HelpingHands – Help Get A 100 Children Back To School!

    Over 10.5 million Nigerian children are out of school, the largest globally. The Destiny Trust puts a face to this number; they are the children we encounter on the streets and disadvantaged communities. #1000HelpingHands is a campaign of the Destiny Trust to support the education of at least 100 disadvantaged children every year by inviting 1000 People to give.

  • Where Does Your Money Go?

    I was sitting at the back seat of a cab, admiring the landscape on the way to Admiralty in Lekki when i heard the Holy Spirit ask me : where does your money go? Of course I tried to give him a list of what my monthly responsibilities were, and I became sadly aware that I had fallen short when he gently pointed out how little of my finances go to the preaching of the gospel. Frankly speaking, I spend way too much on food. A lot of us might not be able to physically go on mission trips, preaching the gospel to all the corners of the earth, but…

  • Messy Christianity & The Selfish Me

    “Do we know our poor people? Do we know the poor in our house, in our family? Perhaps they are not hungry for a piece of bread. Perhaps our children, husband, wife, are not hungry, or naked, or dispossessed, but are you sure there is no one there who feels unwanted, deprived of affection?” Mother Theresa The above quote made me think. Recently, I’ve been drawn to the fact that i live a rather selfish life. Not because i want to be selfish really, but because i have unconsciously bought into the average upper-middle class Christian lifestyle.