• An Open Letter To The Worried Girl

    Dear worried girl, I can honestly tell you i know what you are going through because not too long ago, i was exactly where you are right now. Waking up each day not exactly sure that things will be better than the day before. Like you, living from one day to the next was drudgery. I loved my job but i was not satisfied with it. I knew there was something more out there, but for some reason, i couldn’t manage to step out to experience it or get it. I was worried about my future too. I was so afraid of my life being average. regular. I knew i…

  • The 5 Habits Of The Girl You Want To Be With

    1. She gets up each morning and follows through with her commitments despite how she feels. Her feet are firmly positioned into the day’s tasks. While quitting may seem like an option she refuses to become someone others or God can’t count on. Her heart understands that she must be found faithful in the small steps to be trusted with the big steps.