• International Day Of The Girl Child Conference – By @HaceyHealth

    Every year, the United Nations International Day of Girls raises awareness on challenges peculiar to the girl child and advocates for her rights to gender equality. This year, HACEY Health Initiative will be holding the largest conference on the Girl Child in Nigeria to commemorate this event. The United Nation International Day of Girls held every 11th of October is aimed at promoting the rights of the girl child and advocating for her rights to gender equality.

  • #Equality; Let Your Life Be The Protest

    Conversations about gender equality had dominated the social media space (in Nigeria)this past week and everyone has been in a tizzy about it. As a Nigerian woman, raised in a largely patriarchal society, and seeing the injustice of unequal opportunities, you can understand how much i will push back against the boundaries and the system that creates those boundaries. As a Nigerian, christian woman however, things get a little tricky. Tricky because the injustice and inequality gets wrapped up in nice religious rhetoric and coated with wrongly interpreted scripture and poorly taught theology.

  • Thoughts About My Feminism….

    Isn’t it sad to see feminism reduced to cooking and house chore debates on social media? I think it’s even worse because young women “championing the cause” clearly have limited understanding of what Feminism is really about. And then out largely patriarchal and selectively ignorant society also doesn’t help. As a result, Feminism becomes probably one of the most abused & misunderstood concepts in Nigeria. Feminism for me, is all about EQUALITY. But there is a false understanding that when feminists are talking about equality they’re talking about being the same as men. But that is not it at all. Even the dumbest dummy knows that women are physiologically different…