• Where Does Your Money Go?

    I was sitting at the back seat of a cab, admiring the landscape on the way to Admiralty in Lekki when i heard the Holy Spirit ask me : where does your money go? Of course I tried to give him a list of what my monthly responsibilities were, and I became sadly aware that I had fallen short when he gently pointed out how little of my finances go to the preaching of the gospel. Frankly speaking, I spend way too much on food. A lot of us might not be able to physically go on mission trips, preaching the gospel to all the corners of the earth, but…

  • The Delusion Of Social Media ‘Influence’

    There was a time I was obsessed with numbers. It happens to the best of us. We have been brainwashed into believing that we are “influential” if we have a large following on social media. If our posts draw thousands of views and hundreds of comments, then we are called “influencers”. But is that really true?  What is true influence? How does one gain the position of influence? God has taught me that social media numbers don’t mean a thing if lives ain’t getting transformed through you.

  • Are You The One Who Turns Away?

      Bible Reading: Luke 19: 1-0 It’s very easy to unconsciously slide into the cocoon of insulation that church community provides. Over time, we befriend only church community “approved” people, attend only Christian themed events, even on social media, we relate and engage only Christians and church folks. Over time we become isolated. What this does to us is, it becomes rather difficult to witness and share Christ with those who need him. If we are not careful, we slide into self righteousness and legalism. How?