• Dear Christian Woman, Your Body Is NOT Yours….

    Feminists won’t like this. But as christian women, (and men), the word of God is what we live by and not the philosophies and ideologies of man. This evening, a friend of mine, posted a picture she had taken to celebrate womanhood and gender empowerment and she received a lot of criticism because of the body paint. (and the nudity of course). As a work of art, i must say, it looked gorgeous and i absolutely loved the boldness and the paint.

  • Can You Be Saved & Sexy?

    Merriam-Webster Definition of Sexy: sexually appealing, attractive, or exciting. Sexually suggestive or stimulating Do you consider yourself single, saved and sexy? Before you leave this blog, let me explain myself. Consider these things: sex sells, twerking is more common than ever and men are naturally attracted to the opposite sex.