• EVENT: Elevate Your Game! With @DamolaJohnson

    Elevate Your Game is program that seeks to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.  This program  is targeted towards enabling individuals and organizations, to  access tools, information, and resources that will enable them function effectively in today’s society. In a world where capacity trumps titles, and skills are valued more than paper qualifications,  it is important that we take out time to invest in ourselves in order to increase the quality of our output. This is much more than a training program, it actually is everything that a workshop is not. Through authentic conversations and stories, you will learn how to take advantage of available opportunities to develop your…

  • Big Potato or Small Potato?

    Potatoes come in different sizes, and sorting them could take several hours resulting in lots of work for farmers during harvest season, however, I read about a certain farmer who used a different approach. After harvesting the potatoes, the farmer would simply load them all on a truck and then take the roughest road to the market. Due to the bad state of the road, it was filled with lots of bumps, holes, and the entire journey itself wasn’t a pleasant one. Something however took place during that process. The small potatoes would fall to the bottom of the truck, while the big ones would rise to the top. No…

  • Young Graduates! Get in here! You Need This!

    A CV is a marketing document in which you are marketing something: yourself! You need to “sell” your skills, abilities, qualifications and experience to prospective employers. Your CV conveys your personal details in the way that presents you in the best possible light. Here’s an opportunity to have a professionally put together CV, a well written profile, cover letter and even get your Linkedin profile set up,  by Oyindamola Johnson; a communication development expert. Oyindamola’s services help you in crafting your narrative/story, which would reflect in creating your professional identity. If you’re a young graduate or a professional climbing the corporate ladder, you definitely need this service.

  • So, You Wanna Be A Church Keyboardist? Here Are Some Few Facts…

    Hey guys! so as usual i was trolling on Big Dee’s Facebook page this weekend and here’s what i found. a straight from the heart and humorous post about the things most church keyboard players go thorough silently. it’s so touching because somehow i identify with his feelings. (maybe because I’m guilty of some of the things mentioned.) anyway, if you play keyboard in church, i’m sure you’ll get where he’s coming from. and if you don’t, i’m sure you will learn something! So, enjoy your reading:

  • Some Things Christian Leaders Should Know – By Damola Johnson

    I am so blessed to have amazing friends who inspire me and whose writings encourage and motivate me so much. One of them is Damola Johnson. If you’re familiar with this blog, you already know who he is.  So i was stalking his facebook page (like i usually do, lol), and he has written this inspiring piece on Christian Leadership. If you’re a leader in your local assembly, in whatever capacity, this is definitely for you! Check it!

  • Career Tips From Damola Johnson

    When companies advertise positions, they ask for only people with experience. Some ask for between 3 – 5 or more years of experience. So, how does a fresh graduate have any years of experience coming straight out from College? Rather than flipping through vacancies looking for the highest paying job which still won’t take you cos you don’t have the number of years of experience needed.

  • Introducing! : #GospelMusicMasters – DAMOLA JOHNSON

    So i have been inspired to start a weekly series on this blog, called the #GospelMusicMasters. The idea is to celebrate the people who are behind the amazing songs we worship with and listen to in church. This will include Choir directors, Christian music artistes, Outstanding Choir members, Instrumentalists, and many more doing an outstanding job in the music ministry.