• How To Be Christian In Nigeria

    Being a Christian in Nigeria is not enough. You have to be a good Christian. A God-fearing one. In Nigeria, being God fearing is very important. it’s the only qualification that matter. If you’re a man, being God fearing is enough to make you marriage worthy. But as a Nigerian, It’s not enough that you’re God fearing though, you must be seen to be. Afterall, what use is your fear of God if everyone cannot see it and commend you for being such a God fearing person? So make sure everyone knows how God fearing you are. Make sure you have a bold church bumper sticker that says “I am…

  • The Church Needs To Get Comfortable With Women’s Bodies

    If you grew up a church girl like i did, chances are you were taught (directly or indirectly) to be ashamed of your body and your sexuality. You were told women’s bodies and clothing can cause men to “stumble” with lust. You grew up believing it was your responsibility to keep men pure and the way to do this, is to keep your body hidden and unnoticeable as much as possible. If you were a teenager who filled up too fast, you were viewed with suspicion and consistently preached at about ‘fornication’. If you were an adult female with noticeable curves, your choice of clothing, will be constantly criticised and…

  • The Church & Money Today… (Part 1)

    (As written by Lanre Afolayan) This topic is a grey area within the church today which often times generates a lot of controversy among church folks. Many people that concur to this line of thought are neither bold nor courageous to discuss it publicly because of the backlash it would receive. We however can not be mute or timid on matters that are crucial to God and to our faith simply because we don’t want to be persecuted. There is a priority of the Kingdom of God that we must begin to shove into our hearts even as Christians, which is the soul of man in eternity.

  • The Annoying Thing About Being Single In Church

        Being Single In Church Can Be Sometimes Annoying… Some of you are probably wondering where on earth I’m going with a post like this. Well, hear me out for a moment. Over time, I have been quite uncomfortable with how most churches treat single people. (Especially single women) I believe the church is a body that caters for people from all works of life and in all stages of life. Children, teenager, young adult, single, married, divorced, widowed…employed, unemployed…etc.