• Event: @JCI_Nigeria (FESTAC) March Business Meeting

    This Sunday (25th March),  I will be facilitating a training on using  social media for small business at the Junior Chamber International business meeting in Festac. JCI is a non-governmental organisation for persons within the age bracket (18-40) focused on impacting communities and individuals. JCI provides development opportunities that empowers young active citizens to create positive change. JCI exists in over 100 countries across the world. JCI Festac is one of the over 50 chapters across Nigeria. The venue is The Golden Tulip Hotel and training starts at 3pm.

  • Can I Please Check Before We Become Partners?

    Partnerships are beautiful. As seen in so many examples in the scriptures and even around us.  God wants us to work together and he’s created us each with unique gifts, talents and ability to function in different capacities. As social beings, we are not meant to do life alone. Like they say “no man is an island” right? But then, how do we know the right partners to work with?  As there are examples of great partnerships, there are also examples of really bad ones.  How do we know how to navigate this seeming mind field?  How do we know who to work with, who to do business with,  who…

  • INTERSWITCH Is Indeed Changing The Way We Do Business!

    INTERSWITCH Group has launched a new set of TV Commercials to share the story of the company’s enabling of digital payments and commerce, and to connect their brands; Verve and Quickteller with everyone. The TV commercials tell the story of curiosity that lead discoveries and innovations, seeing the bigger picture and constantly seeking answers to questions that will ensure customers enjoy safer, faster and smarter transactions. The Verve story captures the human spirit of freedom, resilience and strength to go beyond borders and excel in the face of challenges or imperfect situations.