• Is The Bible Really Infallible?

    Once you relinquish conviction that the Bible is *literally* God’s word, faith becomes a messier affair. It’s easier to simply believe that the Bible is a plain record of the divine, that it clearly and concisely states what Christians should believe. In a world that feels so chaotic, biblical infallibility can provide distinct comfort. But comfort and truth aren’t synonymous. The truth is that the biblical books were written by humans. They represent the fruits of people grappling with God, and what it means to be human, for centuries—in all the complexity those questions necessarily entail.

  • It’s On Us!

    How can we live quietly and peacefully if the country is in shambles? If there is chaos in the land, how can we live quietly in devotion to God when our world is in turmoil? This is why we pray for the rulers and leaders. Not because they’re necessarily good to us but because we NEED them to do their jobs well. It is in our best interest to pray for our leaders and rulers. When Paul wrote this in his letter, Christians were facing persecution from political and orthodox religious leaders who wield political influence. The political terrain was also unstable and regular everyday people who made up majority…

  • Not That Easy To Be Like Jesus…

    You know how we love the idea of ‘being like Jesus’? we sing it, preach it and pretend to even live it… but you and i know most of the time, we are so far from the real deal… I read the above bible verse today and i had to pause and think about my life. simple sounding words but powerful enough to strike me in a very deep place. When people take unfair advantage of me, i am usually motivated to stay away from them not practice the servant life. And i usually don’t pray for those who give me a hard time. But this right here is the…

  • Hi! My Name Is Fola And I’m An Addict.

    Like any kind of addiction, social media addiction creeps in unannounced and silently steals your time, your energy and your productivity. It grieves me to admit this, but in order to help myself and hopefully help you, I must admit that I have a problem. I am a social media addict. At first, it was about connecting with old and new friends, sharing information, learning new stuff and just generally being cool. Then I realized how to connect it with my job as a media practioner, and it became about building a brand, and creating a virtual media business.

  • Sermons Can’t Replace The Bible

    As a sermon buff myself, I can tell you that I have listened and I’m still listening to great sermons from great preachers, but none replaces the word of God that is revealed in the place of personal study.