• Stepping Away From The Lure Of Adultery

    Adultery used to be a taboo. Something to hide and be ashamed about. It used to be about Older men probably having a mid-life crisis and women who had some sort of marital  dissatisfaction. These days, Adultery has gone on rampage and young marriages seem to be the worst-hit. there’s a lot of issues to address and talk about here but i am most concerned about the horde of young married men in their 30’s to Mid 40’s who prey on single women.

  • The Christian And The Adulterer

    Whenever the subject of adultery is discussed anywhere, the following reactions are expected: Anger, disgust, pain and then shame. The fact that adultery is unfortunately quite common and is responsible for the breakdown of most marriages in today’s society doesn’t make it less of a scandal. As Christians we do know that God abhors adultery. You’ll find evidence of this fact all over the bible. It’s stated categorically in the 10 commandments, carved in stone for effect. In fact, according to the law of Moses, the punishment for adultery is death.