The #DearArtiste™ Inner City Project is a charity event aimed at struggling communities and children in Lagos State, and subsequently, in Nigeria.  #DearArtiste™ is a music, entertainment and artiste development company which caters to the needs of music artistes in Nigeria and beyond.

#DearArtiste™ through the “Inner City Project” aims to give back to a selected community each year by providing raw foods, clothes, books and water to the target community and assist the community in any way we can and bring attention to whatever plight bedevils the community at the present time.

The “Inner City Project” is a bi-annual non-profit event, that takes place at a selected locality, and entails the following:

1. Free Medical Consultancy

2. Provision of free meals for a minimum of 500 children and members of the community

3. Provision of educational materials for children in primary and secondary schools

4. Provision of raw food items

5. Provision of clothes, toys and other items

To volunteer to be a part of this project, you can donate clothing, raw food, exercise books, stationaries, e.t.c and you can also be available at the event to help serve and entertain the children.

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