The #IdentiFIGHT prayer journal is a 10 step devotional that helps you study and pray through to freedom from insecurity and low self esteem.  here’s introducing the audio devotional to help you along as you use the book. Each podcast will cover each step in the devotional.  Please download and listen as often as you can while you take your time on each step.

  • #TFWPodcast: ‘Changing Your Thinking To Love’

    If you do not accept that you are lovable and valuable,  you will treat yourself badly and unconsciously give other people permission to treat you badly. This week’s podcast is about letting God change how we think about ourselves so that we can know and walk in the awesome plans he’s laid out for us. Remember to not just listen, but make sure you download & share the link!

  • #TFWPodcast: ‘Broken To Be Fixed”

    Welcome to #TFWPodcast. For those who are familiar with this blog, you will notice i have pulled the old hulksare link.  It’s because God is doing something new and i have keyed into it.  (smiles) This new season, there will be a new episode every week and i want to encourage you to listen, download and share with friends as you get blessed by the word. This week’s Podcast is about how God is always willing to accept us and fix us no matter the level of brokenness we find ourselves. Sometimes, he allows us to be broken while holding our hands through the pain and then he fixes us…