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Just a growing collection of new songs i love....

  • Nigerian Radio Presenters and The Payola Question

    Once again, the age-old payola question is being debated in the Nigerian Music and Media Industry. Payola; exchanging money for radio airplay. I shared my views about this in an article I wrote in 2013, when the subject came up on social media, with emerging artistes expressing pain and frustration at the unfair system designed to keep radio airplay for only artistes that can afford to plug their music or ones with major label backing. My views from 2013 has not changed; however, a lot has changed in the Industry since then and I have been around, seen and experienced things, talked to various players and I’ll be adding those…

  • Things are ‘Falling In Line’ for DavidB, With New Release For ‘These Crazy Times’

    After 2 and a half years of not releasing original music, DavidB is back giving us a timeless classic with ‘Fall In Line”. The up-tempo motivational record was released in December of 2020 and has been the anthem of many since then. DavidB taps into his gospel roots; taking us to church as the song progresses in 5 key changes, an abundance of riffs and runs, growls, and sermon-worthy adlibs. DavidB features singers: Solomon Akinsanya and Neusongs and the track ends with sincere vocals from his nephew and niece. “This song for me, musically, was just an honest expression of how I felt without over thinking how it fits in…

  • Dunsin Oyekan’s ‘The Gospel Of The Kingdom’ threatens to send me back to church

    I hardly review albums (especially not gospel music) but here are a few thoughts about Dunsin Oyekan’s ‘The Gospel Of The Kingdom’ album: This album has an Incredible spiritual element; You can’t ignore the feeling from the very first listen. From the very beginning, you can feel the worship from right inside you. (and no, it’s not the emotion that playing great chords bring. We used to call them church chords. Instrumentalists will know this) The Sound recording is top notch and the vocals are great. The background vocals make me want to be in a choir with them. Dunsin’s charismatic and powerful vocals also carry the songs well Church…

  • #NewMusicReveal: 9ine 9ine debuts with ‘If I’

    On my new music reveal this week is Shittu Sheu Folarin; also known as 9ine 9ine. He is one of Nigeria’s rising afro-pop talents. Growing up in Lagos, 9ine 9ine is influenced by a variety of sounds and the Afrobeats culture of the city. After a degree computer Science from Yabatech, 9ine 9ine clinched a recording deal with Florescence records and his fresh sound and vocals have already captured the attention of industry watchers and music fans in Nigeria and beyond His first single “IF I” dropped on Friday 15, 2021, and is a available for streaming across various music platforms. Listen here: www.bit.ly/9ine9ine

  • The Crucifix; Not Death, But Love – @ItsGAMiE

    A few days ago, i randomly asked about the symbolism of the cross that Jesus was nailed on where he died.  Logically, one wonders why the murder weapon that represents immense suffering and pain has gradually become a revered religious symbol. But then again, when we look at the significance of the actual death, we see the crucifix beyond being just a symbol of pain; we see the love that compelled Jesus to go through the crucifixion. And Gamie’s new video says it all. You know he’s my favorite rapper yeah? Good! so, take a look!  

  • #NewFavorite: Hold Tight By Marx Okereke

    Marx is Back!  This is so exciting because it’s being a long time coming. Marx has been in the music and media business for quite some time, releasing an EP and then a debut album, then touring Europe and the United States. He is finally ready to dish out another helping of great music. Here’s his first serving off the menu: Listen and make sure you purchase! Connect with @marxokereke HERE  

  • GAMIE! Living, Loving & Inspiring Without Limits…

    The first time I heard him, I knew there was something different about him. It was a 3 minutes love song I found on a random gospel music blog. “Hello Ma,” he rapped. The ability to paint pictures with words, deliver on melody, rhyme with reason, stay on the message and still pop with the best of them is not something you find everywhere and anywhere.

  • Yinka Lawanson; Doing Music & Philanthropy In Prison

    Not everyone who does the Lord’s work stand behind a pulpit or has a religious title. For Yinka Lawanson, a microphone, a big voice and an open heart is just all he needs. For the last ten years, Yinka Lawanson, using the stage name ‘Lamboginny’,  has been a consistent hard worker in the Nigerian music industry, performing as a dance hall artiste, as well as a lead campaigner against drug abuse and an advocate for prison reforms and inmate rehabilitation.