• “Sorry; We’ve Decided To Go With Someone Else..”

    “I’m sorry, you’re not what we’re looking for at this moment” “We’ve decided to go with someone else” “We’ll call you back” “I’ll see what i can do but not making promises though” “It’s not you, it’s me” It might come in well phrased sentences and careful words, rejection is rejection and no matter how carefully it’s delivered, it blows and hurts like hell.  I’ve been on the receiving end of several of the above sentences and there’s no getting used to it.

  • For The Strong And Tired…

      It’s okay to be tired. You are not wonder woman.  You are human. Not a fictional all knowing, all powerful, freakishly strong larger than life character. Family, friends and colleagues might treat you that way sometimes, but your body and soul will tell you the truth when the pressure keeps piling. Being strong is good but it has its downsides.  Very few people stop to ask you if you’re okay. Very few people stop to consider your needs and there’s a general assumption that you are always fine. Well, because you and I know better, here are ways you can de-stress and take care of yourself when you feel…

  • International Day Of The Girl Child Conference – By @HaceyHealth

    Every year, the United Nations International Day of Girls raises awareness on challenges peculiar to the girl child and advocates for her rights to gender equality. This year, HACEY Health Initiative will be holding the largest conference on the Girl Child in Nigeria to commemorate this event. The United Nation International Day of Girls held every 11th of October is aimed at promoting the rights of the girl child and advocating for her rights to gender equality.

  • @ShonowoHospital Partners With HACEY HEALTH INITIATIVE To #EndMalaria

    Almost everyone has experienced a mosquito bite. Beyond being an annoyance, mosquitoes are carriers of some disease pathogens that afflict humans. One of such diseases is malaria—a disease that still claims the life of one child every two minutes, despite tremendous progress in recent decades. Malaria is transmitted through the bite of the female anopheles mosquito. Currently, Nigeria accounts for about a third of all malaria cases in the world, and pregnant women and children under 5 are still very vulnerable as malaria is a major cause of maternal and infant mortality.

  • How @BrymOlawale Served It All At #OragnisedChaos

    Electric. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think about BRYMO’s performance at his concert yesterday. There was a time the Nigerian music audience was sold the lie that a music concert without a thousand mile long list of supporting acts, comedy intermissions and whatever else won’t give the concert goer the ultimate experience, but BRYMO keeps putting that ridiculous theory to shame.

  • In Loving Memory…

    This is not an obituary even if it’s titled like one. This is a tribute. To a place we loved. A place many of us called home. Some of us found our voices there, some of us strengthened our voices there. Some discovered purpose and some discovered themselves.

  • GAMIE! Living, Loving & Inspiring Without Limits…

    The first time I heard him, I knew there was something different about him. It was a 3 minutes love song I found on a random gospel music blog. “Hello Ma,” he rapped. The ability to paint pictures with words, deliver on melody, rhyme with reason, stay on the message and still pop with the best of them is not something you find everywhere and anywhere.

  • All I Wanted Was My Own Daddy

    My dad walked away before I was born. So I was told. He wasn’t a deadbeat or irresponsible father. He was there for his other children. His “recognised or “legitimate” ones. For a long time I took the blame on myself without even realising it. I thought something was wrong with me. The rejection was personal. My mother loved me and was there in every way she could, but there was always that empty space she couldn’t fill. Where is my father? Why didn’t come for me? Will he ever come? Why doesn’t he love me?

  • EVENT: #DigitalMediaTalk With ELSIE GODWIN

    I’m excited to be a panelist at #MeetsMedia’s Digital Media Talk with Elsie Godwin because the event provides a platform for digital media content creators, advertising and marketing professionals to interact, network and learn from industry leaders. The Theme is ‘Blogging As a Tool For Social Change’ and The media chat will be a live broadcast event. Register to attend HERE

  • Can I Be Happy Now?

    I recently just checked out Google’s definition of “Happy”. Apparently it’s ‘feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.’ Interesting. I checked because I have been wondering if I’m really happy or if I’m as happy as I should be or if I should be happy at all. I’ve been thinking … Who determines what should make me happy ? Who measures the degree of my happiness and sets the level it should be? At what stage of life am I ‘allowed’ to be happy ? Can I choose to be happy now even when I haven’t met all the criteria that determines happiness ? Can I feel or show pleasure and…

  • #GuestPost – Why I Am “Age Queer” By @NellyLaoni

    The term ‘queer’ is never really associated with age. It is now firmly placed within the LGBTQI+ community. It is a term associated with identity. I would like to acknowledge the controversy surrounding this new term “age queer” and I apologize should this be considered offensive, but I hope that I can appropriate this for good. According to an article on Bustle.com by Lindsay Denniger “queerness isn’t a trend, it’s a human being’s identity in the current socio-political climate”. I agree. Urban dictionary defines “age queer” as used to describe persons who feel that their chronological age does not fit into the persona they wish to present to the world…

  • Is The Bible Really Infallible?

    Once you relinquish conviction that the Bible is *literally* God’s word, faith becomes a messier affair. It’s easier to simply believe that the Bible is a plain record of the divine, that it clearly and concisely states what Christians should believe. In a world that feels so chaotic, biblical infallibility can provide distinct comfort. But comfort and truth aren’t synonymous. The truth is that the biblical books were written by humans. They represent the fruits of people grappling with God, and what it means to be human, for centuries—in all the complexity those questions necessarily entail.

  • A Collection Of Really Bad Advice

    This weekend I attended a wedding. My 24 year old cousin, got married to her college sweetheart and it was a colorful family affair. For several weeks, I struggled with the decision to attend. Not because I wasn’t happy with and for her, but because I find extended family events quite stressful and to be honest, financially draining. But then, I am my mother’s only child and if you’re familiar with Nigerian family dynamics, you know she’ll be miserable if her only child is the one missing from an all important family affair. See, I haven’t been home in four years. (long story) and so this wedding was going to…

  • Your Husband Is A Predator.

    Dear Madam, your maid did not “seduce” your husband. Your husband is a grown man with his mind intact, made a decision to take advantage of your maid. He didn’t have sex with her because “you were not there to give him enough”. He didn’t have sex with her because “her food was delicious” He didn’t have sex with her because “she dressed in short skirt” He didn’t have sex with her because “he couldn’t help himself” He didn’t have sex with her because “he was charmed” He didn’t have sex with her because of a myriad of other reasons you’ve been told. He made her his sex object because…

  • Monogamy Is Not Gendered!

    Too many Nigerian men live with the illusion and are quick to peddle the myth  that monogamy is a natural female trait. Majority of men think that women who have sexual partners out of their marital relationships or committed relationships do it either for money or because the man they’re with is not sexually satisfying. This narrative is not only quite flawed, it’s also been weaponized. It’s very difficult for men to see women as sexual beings and admit that the narrative that a woman’s feelings must be involved before she has sex is false. That  would mean Women have sex for the sake of having sex too.