• About Jack Dorsey And His Nose Ring In Lagos

    Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has been in Lagos for a few days and he recently visited the university of Lagos and met with the Vice Chancellor in his office, where he was warmly welcomed by the school’s Management Team. This is a good thing for the school because the school was able to show off some of it’s tech programs and Jack participated in a small interractive session with select students. Great stuff. The thing is though; Jack wears a nose ring. Jack has tattoos. Why is that important?


    Nigerian actress and media personality; Omotunde Adebowale-David, popularly known as ‘Lolo 1’, presents her first stage musical; titled ALERO. It tells of the story of Alero, a village girl that comes to the city full with hopes and dreams, but at every turn is frustrated into giving up and losing hope. Alero The Musical, is about believing, staying focused and succeeding without losing your soul, empathy and heart. The show’s main objective, is to ignite the desire to succeed in young people. Lolo’s experience in stage productions date as far back as 2012 , when she produced the maiden edition of “OGA MADAM LIVE ON STAGE WITH LOLO 1 ”…

  • I Didn’t Make Science Class; But I’m Here & I’m Winning!

    When I was growing up and in secondary school, it was not ‘cool’ to want to study anything outside medicine, law, engineering or accounting. Subjects like literature and history, were seen to be cheap and a cop out of ‘serious’ subjects like physics and chemistry and mathematics. Students like me were not particularly seen as smart because we were not in ‘science class’. To be in science class was to be in an elite group of ‘intelligent students’. The ones who will gain admissions to university. It was a thing parents even bragged with. “Tolu is in science class. He’s going to study medicine.” Being put in ‘arts class’ was…

  • Start Your Radio Career! Register For The Radio Master Class Today.

    Do you want to take classes in basic radio presentation and podcasting? A New session of The  Radio Masterclass starts in September. Here are answers to the FAQs 😊 1. Classes open Saturday September 7th. 2. Classes run on Saturdays for 5 Saturdays. from 9am – 4pm 3. Students will get a 2 weeks minimum internship opportunity with our media partners 4. Certificate is given to All students. 5. Classes hold at 51 Hughes avenue, alagomeji Yaba, LAGOS 6. Course materials will be given to all registered students 7. Basic educational requirement for training: SSCE certificate 8. Training fee is N30,000 9. Registration is OPEN NOW. REGISTER AND MAKE PAYMENT by…

  • Did @BrymOlawale Bring It At Terra Arena Last Night? Yup! He ‘Brung’ It All Right!

    It’s an open secret that BRYMO lovers will follow him to the ends of the earth if need be; and so it’s not really news that Terra Arena was packed out last night. But then, there’s something else. The crowd was slightly different from the #OrganisedChaos crowd. There were scatterings of expatriates and more than a good number of ‘over 40s’; but great music is a leveler as we all grooved, yelled, danced and sang along.

  • RWANDA STAND UP! #IkazeNight Is Back!!

    On the 11th of July at the Kigali Exhibition Conference Village, Africa’s largest performing arts festival will be opened with a special night of music, dance and various forms of performing arts by artistes from all over the continent and beyond. This year, Uganda’s Queen of Afro Soul; Lilian Mbabazi will headline the show and will be supported by Alexander Star from the United States, ‘Under The Surface’ from the Netherlands, Unidance from Rwanda, The Street Dancers Company from DRC and my personal favorites; The Rwanda National Ballet. If you are in the east africa region this July, this is one event you do not want to miss. Ubumuntu Arts Festival…

  • Shyness Is Not A Virtue. “Quiet” Is Not A Compliment.

    “pushy”, “forward”, “demanding”. Words  usually accociated with women who are not hesitant about asking for what they want. It’s society’s way of keeping women under and behind. It’s been perfected for decades such that girls are socialized from early on, to not ask for what they want but to pretend they don’t want it while using all sorts of roundabout “schemes” hoping to get it.

  • Abortion Is Not A Dirty Word.

    Abortion is not a dirty word. Let’s get that out of the way first. The hushed whispers, the fear (real or imagined), is absolutely unnecessary. Abortions happen in Nigeria on a daily basis; illegal or not, unplanned pregnancies are getting aborted. Unfortunately, too many of those abortions are carried out in unsafe conditions by quacks. But get this, a large number of abortions are done by licensed medical professionals in private hospitals under the table because even though it’s illegal, private healthcare in Nigeria is about commerce. Doctors must eat; so for women who can afford to pay, an abortion doesn’t have to be unsafe. The illegal status this country…

  • How To Be Christian In Nigeria

    Being a Christian in Nigeria is not enough. You have to be a good Christian. A God-fearing one. In Nigeria, being God fearing is very important. it’s the only qualification that matter. If you’re a man, being God fearing is enough to make you marriage worthy. But as a Nigerian, It’s not enough that you’re God fearing though, you must be seen to be. Afterall, what use is your fear of God if everyone cannot see it and commend you for being such a God fearing person? So make sure everyone knows how God fearing you are. Make sure you have a bold church bumper sticker that says “I am…

  • I Bought Myself A Ring; and My Life Changed..

    If you have paid attention to the Nigerian news circle in the last few days, you must have seen the reports about the over 70 women that were accused of prostitution, abducted and then a number of them sexually assaulted by policemen in an illegal raid carried out in restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Abuja city center. As it is quite common in Nigeria’s largely discriminatory and gender biased culture, men were not arrested and women wearing wedding rings were freed because an outward ‘proof’ of being attached to a man can temporarily protect you from mob male assault. As a Nigerian woman who lives the experience everyday, being seen…

  • The Crucifix; Not Death, But Love – @ItsGAMiE

    A few days ago, i randomly asked about the symbolism of the cross that Jesus was nailed on where he died.  Logically, one wonders why the murder weapon that represents immense suffering and pain has gradually become a revered religious symbol. But then again, when we look at the significance of the actual death, we see the crucifix beyond being just a symbol of pain; we see the love that compelled Jesus to go through the crucifixion. And Gamie’s new video says it all. You know he’s my favorite rapper yeah? Good! so, take a look!  

  • #FacebookChronicles: From Street To Corporate Begging; The Nigerian Hustle

    If you are middle-class like me, I am sure you receive a cry for financial assistance from a neighbor, or an old friend, or a colleague, or even an ex, at least once or twice a week. If you don’t receive these requests from people in your present or your past, I am sure you receive them from total strangers who walk up to you, look at the shine on your skin, decide it is from goat meat peppersoup and point-and-kill, not from the the blistering Abuja sun, then they conclude that you have enough to share. Clearly, there is an explosion of corporate street begging, and we respond in…

  • #NewFavorite: Hold Tight By Marx Okereke

    Marx is Back!  This is so exciting because it’s being a long time coming. Marx has been in the music and media business for quite some time, releasing an EP and then a debut album, then touring Europe and the United States. He is finally ready to dish out another helping of great music. Here’s his first serving off the menu: Listen and make sure you purchase! Connect with @marxokereke HERE  

  • Guest Post : Oga Pastor, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense!

    Women have been saddled with the responsibility of bearing the burden of the reckless actions of men for millennia and each time we make advancement in dismantling these damaging traditions, there’s a pastor or some other religious leader, waiting to undo all our progress with a single sermon. A couple of weeks ago, we saw a pastor stand before a congregation and blame women for men’s promiscuity. We saw him describe men as beings with uncontrollable sexual impulses who depend on women for reminders of self control. This point of view sadly held by a largely patriachial religious community, is very damaging for women.