Did You Miss The #AGACultureSeries yesterday? Let me tell you all about it!

When my friend Dolapo Aina asked if I would be interested in attending an art exhibition on Sunday July 18th, I said yes of course I would. If we’re keeping it a buck, mainly because my social life has a -0 rating and I was beginning to feel like a hobo, cooped up at home with nobody asking me to go anywhere 😃

A week to the event, I checked out the exhibition and the hosts on social media and I was glad I did. It turns out to be exactly the kind of scene that gives me joy.

Sunday came and It was truly satisfying.

Packaged by Circuit.NG, the AGA Series blends a talent showcase of music and multimedia art with traditional African design and the end product is a full cultural experience. I loved it.

Moyo Ogunseinde, the founder of the AGA Series, told me “The AGA lifestyle is about creating the complete African experience; so it’s not just art decor, but the food, the clothes, the music and the general ambience. We want you to feel the African cultural experience in a unique way.  We have an ethos called The AGA Culture; those are the tenets we abide by and they are based on ‘Ife’ (Love), ‘Alafia’ (Peace), ‘Inu rere’ (goodness) ‘Ayo’ (Joy) ‘Ifokan bake’ (Calmness)” I loved it.

Indeed looking around the store, the whole vibe resonates culture and yet is very chill.

A multimedia artist, Abolore Sobayo, was the headline exhibitor and his work were displayed around the room. Strategically placed installations, carved wooden pieces, paintings and various elements of the Yoruba cultural aesthetic.

He told me that the exhibition is called Jelesimi and it’s about the preservation of Yoruba cultural heritage by inspiring and encouraging the prevalent use of the language.

There was music too. And food! 😃

Bibicentric and Lex Ash serenaded everyone and there was a good helping of suya, puff puff, akara and fried yam to go round.

Need I say more? It was an epic night.

You need to check out the AGA store at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, VI Lagos and follow them on Instagram at @theagaconcept

Check out the photos I took!

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