Why I’m Happy That Marriages No Longer Last

I’m very happy that marriages these days no longer last as long as they used to in the days of our parents and grandparents.

A lot of marriages were (are) held together by the women. (They even preach about it with all that talk about a woman “keeping her home”) No one ever accuses a man of not being able to “keep his home”. But I digress.

Back in those days, a lot of women were not financially independent and they depended on men for provision so they endured unhappy marriages and oftentimes traumatic conditions just to keep a roof over their heads and their children. Even when they had money, their husbands controlled what is done with it. (Remember how some wives used to hand over their salaries to their husbands and wouldn’t dare buy property on their own?)

Societal and religious standards also had so much power that women were kept under the bondage of “what would people think or say?”

Now, we have more women in the workforce, better educated women, more female breadwinners who can afford to take care of themselves and their kids.

As more women got educated, earning power rose and they became more independent.

Financial independence is the first superpower every woman must desire. I learned early in life that financial independence gives you options.

But women didn’t just become financially independent, we also freed our minds too.

Now, more women think for themselves and can no longer be held down by societal or religious standards designed to keep them subjugated.

I like that more women are finally realizing that marriage is a partnership and partnerships can be reviewed and dissolved if the terms are no longer agreeable. 

I like that more women are choosing to no longer sacrifice themselves and their happiness on the altar of an ‘institution’ designed not to favour them.

I’m liking that more women are realizing that they can choose not to marry and live their best lives.

I’m happy that more women are realizing that there is no timeline or deadline for choosing to marry and are no longer pressured to settle for whatever comes along.

I like that more women are now taking time to choose a partner truly worthy of them.

I like that Divorce is now an option women actively consider and no longer an axe to be dangled over women’s heads.

If more women are choosing to leave their marriages; for whatever reasons they so choose, I say good for them.

Final note; marriage can be beautiful and great. If it’s what you want. Just remember that like all human interactions, it has it’s limitations and if those limitations no longer work for you, it’s okay to end it.

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