Worried about being scammed by online vendors? Check out my list of trusted plugs for what you need

Ecommerce has been around for a while now, and while it’s given people like me all kinds of convenience and flexibility in making purchases, it hasn’t completely erased my underlying trust issues.

And I have good reasons to not be completely trusting too; especially when dealing with Nigerian retailers in Nigeria. Just go through social media timelines talking about vendors and you’ll read the horror stories. From failed deliveries, to damaged products, false advertising, horrible customer service to outright fraud.

As someone who does over 70% of my shopping online (including food), over time, I have developed a personalized list of tried and trusted vendors and I believe i will be doing someone a favor by sharing them. I hardly ever change vendors randomly; usually when I find a plug I’m comfortable with, I tend to remain a customer for a very long time.

Also worthy of note is that over time, I have come to know some of these vendors and personally and professionally, i’ll totally recommend them. So check out my list and let me connect you to some of the most reputable vendors online


Mosopemi Odeseye: Her business name is IYAMETO’S KITCHEN. You have an event you want catered? Iyameto is the one you go to. My first experience of her catering was at a small gathering in Ilupeju where she served Jollof Rice and it was perfect.

Then i had an outreach at Agege and i contacted her for small chops to serve 100 people. Call time was 11am and she delivered! She put the entire thing in an Uber and my small chops arrived right on time. By the way, IYAMETO does personalized services so if you need bowls of soup or food, she’s good for it and i can promise you, you’ll get your money’s worth.

UGO : This is one young lady i haven’t been able to figure out her name. Ada or Ugo (looool, don’t tell her) Her business name is DAWN SWEET TREATS. Do you like Banana Bread? She is the ULTIMATE plug.

Actually she bakes all sorts of treats and confectionaries; I just happen to be a special fan of her Banana Bread. Her prices are affordable and her customer service is exceptional. I also like the fact that the logistics companies she uses for delivery are people that have sense. lol

AKEEM: Have you met a man who not only has this cake making thing on lock down but handles business like a boss? That’s Akeem for you. His business name is CREAMY DELIGHT CAKES

Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversaries, whatever kind of cake for whatever, Creamy Delight Cakes is who you need in your life. This man makes cake from Lagos and sends not just anywhere in Nigeria, but abroad. (this is not an exaggeration; he really does that.)

The beautiful thing about Creamy Delight Cakes, is that you never have to fear that they will get your design wrong or your cake will be late. I have ordered cakes and have them delivered to people and he has always come through. Tell him you want your cake delivered at 5am and he will come through.

TOLU: Everyone calls her the souvenir whisperer because if you have an event and you need a souvenir plug, she’s your best bet at getting a good deal and quality products too. However she is amazing at KITCHEN UTENSILS! I got the most amazing set of aluminum cooking pots from her and looking at them in my kitchen gives me a special kind of Joy. She gives great discounts too!

See, if you need to set up your kitchen; from air fryers, to non-stick pots and pans, dishes, ovens, food processors, Call the souvenir whisperer. She has your back.


WUNMI: They call her the shoe fairy. Yes; she’s that and more. Her business name is SHOEPIFY. The first thing that attracted me to Wunmi was how friendly she is. I was on instagram late at night and was just randomly scrolling when i came across her page. I saw something i liked and sent a DM; in my mind thinking that it will be in the morning before i get a reply but guess what? I got an instant reply! “don’t you sleep?” i asked? lool

Anyway, since then; I have purchased work shoes, dress shoes, heels, i have recommended colleauges and friends to her page and their experience has been the same. SHOEPIFY delivers! Their return policy is also friendly. I once returned a shoe because it turns out to be smaller than i thought. I was given alternatives immediately.

Her shoes are QUALITY and you can be assured you’re not buying substandard products. (I’m still rocking shoes i bought about 2 years ago steadily) Prices are very very reasonable too.


So I am very skeptical about ordering clothes online ( see, i am a plus sized woman with big stomach, so the game is kinda rigged against me, if you know what i mean)

I however do not hesitate to buy lingerie online so here are my trusted plugs:

JENNIFER: Not only is she a really dope human and full of good vibes; she is also the ultimate procurement plug. Jennifer always knows someone who knows someone who can get you what you want. Her business name is THE INTIMATE SPACE. From swimsuits to lounge wears, she’s got you. I’m still rocking the 2 dozen panties i bought from her.

GAIL WOMAN: If you’re a size 16 and above, you will understand the struggle to find the kind of lingerie and underwear that flatters the places that need flattering and is sexy at the same time. I have never met this vendor but she or he has been a blessing. My sexy drawer is filled with teeny tiny things that confuse the man of God when i put them on. lool

Their customer service is so friendly and delivery is so prompt you’ll just be smiling. I once had a party and needed something urgent. They delivered in 12 hours. I was super impressed and i have been a customer since.

RUTH IRIABIJE: Her business name is STYLED BY RITZ. Someone had retweeted her tweet into my timeline and i saw the beautiful outfits she posted and i followed her. To be honest, i placed my first order with my fingers crossed because I had never used a twitter fashion designer before. She was very friendly in the DMs and she delivered exactly when she promised.

What impressed me most was how professional her work was. the finishing was well done! she didn’t have my exact measurements, yet the clothes fit perfectly. I even used it for a shoot. With Ruth, what i ordered was what i got and i’m definitely going to be going back to her.

BUSAYO LAWAL: Is another accidental twitter find and i had a really great experience buying ankara fabric from her. She delivered on time, was super nice and she has really gorgeous prints.


ABIOLA: Not only is she a sweetheart (trust me, she’s like honey and sugar rolled into one) she is incredibly good at what she does.

She will listen to you, recommend great products, she will advice, teach you and make sure you are not getting any harmful products on your skin. It also helps that she’s in the abroad so she has all the skincare brands working with her. The lemon facemask and make up cleaning oil she sent me the last time is still doing wonders for my face.

Check out her Nigerian store and get the best skincare products.


MAYOR OTU : This is one of the most amazing persons i have met via social media. You need a professional headshot? documentary photography? or you are an amateur photographer and you need to buy cameras and camera gear and learn how to use them? Mayor is THE MAN you need to meet.

Trust me, we have done some projects together and he is brilliant. His attention to detail, incredible work ethic and great spirit is something you won’t find eaily anywhere.

AYOMIDE OLANREWAJU: Lanre of TRIPCITY VISUALS is a photographer who knows how to capture beauty. Magazine shoots, model shots, pre-wedding photography, Just check out his work and be convinced. And he is sooooo finnnneee ( lol)

He shot me for my birthday and honestly, i have been gathering money to go and do another shoot! lol

So yeah; those are my tried and trusted service providers online and trust me, every single one of them deserve your patronage. Not because i said it, but because they have all proven themselves to be trustworthy.

This list will grow as I add more businesses i interact with; and please be free to drop comments and reviews if you have worked with any of them. I am also open to recommendations so point me in the right direction

Love ya!


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