Dunsin Oyekan’s ‘The Gospel Of The Kingdom’ threatens to send me back to church

I hardly review albums (especially not gospel music) but here are a few thoughts about Dunsin Oyekan’s ‘The Gospel Of The Kingdom’ album:

This album has an Incredible spiritual element; You can’t ignore the feeling from the very first listen. From the very beginning, you can feel the worship from right inside you. (and no, it’s not the emotion that playing great chords bring. We used to call them church chords. Instrumentalists will know this)

The Sound recording is top notch and the vocals are great. The background vocals make me want to be in a choir with them. Dunsin’s charismatic and powerful vocals also carry the songs well

Church choirs will love this album. It has all the classic worship music elements: catchy easy to sing-along choruses, repetitive refrains, and easy harmony

I can see Track 1 & 2 being classic Sunday morning hits.

It’s easy to see why Dunsin Oyekan will remain a gospel music favorite for a long time; his style is reminiscent of the Donnie Mcclurkin, John P Kee and urban gospel choirs we grew up on.

From song choices, vocal arrangements to delivery, this album is worship music gold

That being said, a 16 track album of songs that are on the average 8 minute long can get a little tedious. After the 10th track, the songs kind of tapered off a little. However, let me also say that there are no bad songs on this album. 

In fact, I understand why the tracks are that long; this is worship music. It grips you and you don’t stop until your spirit releases it. However, this might be a little problematic for radio airplay because typically, radio music schedulers work with songs that are 3- 4 minutes max

I don’t know Dunsin Oyekan.

I don’t particularly move in the gospel music circuits. I heard about him from twitter sometime last year and checked out his ‘Fragrance to Fire’ hit single on YouTube and it quickly became my anthem. That song has given me personal strength so many times.

I see this album doing the same.

FOOTNOTE: Dear church people; please do not download this album for free or pirate it. BUY the album. PAY to stream it. I know we like free things and we are used to getting gospel music for free but please support the gospel music industry by supporting the artistes. PAY FOR THEIR SERVICES

Gospel artistes; PLEASE DO NOT RECORD UNSANCTIONED COVERS. You want so perform any of the songs; reach out to the copyright owner and get the necessary rights. LET THE MUSIC PAY.

Stream the album here:

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