Chase your happiness; you deserve it

Everytime I think about the movie; “The Pursuit of Happiness”, I am always struck and inspired by how the character Chris Gardner, (played by Will Smith) did everything he could to build the life he wanted.

I watched him fight impossible odds, cried, felt his pain and broke into tears of joy with him when he finally got a breakthrough

At the root of it all is the fact that Chris never lost focus. He kept going after what he knew he deserved; a good life, where he can provide food, shelter and comfort for his child. That for him, is happiness. And he went after it, relentlessly.

What is your happines? Do you believe you deserve it?

There was a time I didn’t really believe I deserved to be happy. Pain after pain, let down after let down and I had gotten used to being disappointed.  I lived my life without expecting much and my mantra was to “take whatever comes”.

I started learning otherwise though. And then I learned that my thinking shapes my attitude to living and it determines the energy I attract.

So everyday i would consciously affirm myself and remind myself of how special i am and how I deserve to be happy and live a good life.  I constantly remind myself that I’m a priority and I paid more attention to my soul. I listened. I listened to me; my body, my intuition, my heart.

It changed me. I started making choices that are good for me and I started attracting positive energies.

I still get afraid sometimes, I still get flashbacks of past trauma and doubt or second guess myself.  One of such moments,  a dear friend said to me:

Fola, I know this fear . But one thing I also know is that when something seems to right , another thing reminds us that this is too good to be true hence it might be wrong , and so our abilities to sit back and enjoy these things is immediately limited

This put things in perspective for me. I understand where the fear is coming from and I made a choice not to entertain it.

These days, i allow myself to feel good. To enjoy the good things happening to and for me.

I have learned that the more we grieve and suffer, the less we grow. The less we connect. The less we push ourselves to become bigger and better versions of the people we are capable of becoming.

When we are miserable, we shrink. When we are happy, we thrive. We shine and glow  brightly enough to light up those around us, and our lives take on a stronger, more meaningful purpose.

You deserve to be happy. Give yourself permission to live, to love and be loved, to laugh, to enjoy things and to embrace all the good the universe brings your way.

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