Doreen On Loving Yourself: “Let honesty be a kind teacher & not a cruel one”

It’s a lot easier to love yourself when you like yourself; When you like who you are & how you are.

One of the greatest ways to start liking yourself if you already don’t, is to begin with honesty. There is such an appreciation you experience when you come clean to yourself.

It may be a little awkward at first being that honest with yourself, but the more you are, the more you begin to see the importance in saying out loud your fears, hearing them sound so very human, which helps you realize the work you have to do. Don’t ignore doing the work.

Doing the work on yourself is where the appreciation you have for yourself really begins to build. The same way you appreciate someone taking the time out to help you, is how you start to feel about yourself when you spend time helping yourself let go of bad habits & beliefs. It feels even better when you start to realize that you can and are applying these ideas to your reality.

Finding that you have more control over yourself than you thought you did.
Your usual, “this is just how I am” is replaced by realizing you can approach things differently.

This is the point where you can see your growth, and with that comes even more appreciation of how far you have come, and a belief that you can even go further. Knowing that what you dislike about yourself, is possible for you to work on is very motivating knowledge.

Learning to love yourself is a personal journey which is not an equal one for all of us based on things we have all experienced in our lives.

On your journey, let honesty be a kind teacher & not a cruel one. Be the type of teacher to yourself that can gain you the best results.

I hope this helps someone on their journey. ❤️

Doreen Caven is one of the inspirational women whose words have blessed me over time and whose work I greatly admire.

She and her sister, Joan Caven, founded the TGLM platform to serve as a safe space for all women who are insistent on forging their own paths, regardless of societal expectations.

She’s on Twitter as DoreenGLM

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