Can you really ‘jinx’ something good by talking about it before it happens?

Earlier in the day, I saw a post by former presidential aide Reno Omokri advising women against showing off their baby bumps or having baby showers. 

According to him,  when women “flaunt” their baby bumps, they attract negative human spirits.

While I deliberately ignore Reno’s blatant misogyny and often shared borderline delusional conspiracy theories, for the sake of this conversation, I want to explore this common sentiment I have heard from when I was a child.

This idea that if something good is about to happen, like maybe a job, a new baby, a contract or even a new relationship, you’ll somehow ‘jinx’ it if you share the news before it actually happens.

So many people claimed to have experienced this and I often wonder; what is this Jinx? To be honest, I have shared premature news before and there are times those things ended up not happening and I have secretly wondered if my sharing the news with friends and family somehow ‘jinxed’ it or it was never meant to happen.

Tania Kotsos writes in ‘Mind Your Reality’ that “there is a very specific reason why verbalizing one’s expectation may prevent it from happening and the answer does not belong in any book of superstition or jinxes. It is not fate that you tempt but rather it is the creation process that you interrupt and hence, prevent your expectation from manifesting when you speak about it too soon.”

As a woman raised by African parents in a heavily superstitious society like ours, even with all my education and what not, there’s a part of my mind that believe in some of those superstitions. I believe in the supernatural and the spiritual, even though I don’t think I will go as far as being afraid to share news of my pregnancy. (after all, it’s not even something you can hide for too long anyway)

I also think that believing in Jinxes can cause irrational fears and paranoia and you definitely do not want that; especially if you need to speak out to ask for help. Hiding and looking over your shoulder and undue attention to who might be out to get you will definitely do more harm than good because instead of focusing on the goodness coming your way, your mind is inundated with negative thoughts about evil eyes looking at you. That definitely does not bring good energy.

So I’ll like to know your thoughts about this. Do you believe in Jinxes? Have you experienced something like that?

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