BRYMO Will Tug At Your Heartstrings On Libel; The EP

I knew BRYMO’s Libel was coming. He had mentioned it several times and even though he hadn’t gone on record saying a lot, I had enough information to know it wasn’t a surprise project.

But you know what?

You’ll think you know what to expect from BRYMO and then he’ll come and spin you around and you’ll be clutching at your heart, wondering what had just happened.

That’s Libel; the EP.

Why did he call it an experimental project? You’ll have to ask him.

BRYMO has always been an emotional writer. He never shies away from touching base with his feelings and laying himself bare. On Libel the EP; he did exactly that.

“I’ve been up and I’ve been down, lost my way, came back around.. I have no regrets” he croons in Phoenix

In the song Time featuring Deborah Prest, he was haunting and honest with where he was.  “…the shivering, the pain, always real..” he says.

“…let the bright light reveal my scars, healing me with his words… I was so long gone, I was wasting time..”

BRYMO is a young man with scars. He’s fought battles to get to where he is in his career and as a man facing the rigours of life in the public space, he’s still fighting his personal battles.

When I listen to Libel the EP, I feel like I’m listening to BRYMO read aloud from a personal journal about himself at this moment in his history. Like he’s saying; “this is me. This is where I am now and this is how I’m feeling at this moment”.

BRYMO’s music of late has become increasingly introspective and while I think it’s good for him, I will admit I miss the BRYMO in Tabula Rasa. I miss playful, slightly raunchy BRYMO.  I know he’s in there somewhere and he’ll come out when he’s ready.

In the meantime,

“Time won’t stop

“The seas won’t cease to dance” and BRYMO won’t stop making music how he wants to make it.

Listen to Libel The EP

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