My Safety Advisory For #DettyDecember

It’s that time of the year again. When men and women, boys and girls come out to dance, play and party.

If you have worked hard this year, you definitely deserve to turn up and groove. While you’re grooving however, let’s not forget we live among predators and rattlesnakes wearing human skin.

While we have laboured this year to teach consent, educate and inform, pray and even persuade men not to assault us, let’s not leave our safety in the hands of men who have been raised to not care about our well-being.

As you go out this season, make sure you have a fully charged cell phone with data and call credit. Numbers of a trusted friend and/or a parent should be saved on speed dial too.

If you are using Uber/Bolt services, make sure you check the plate number on the app and on the car to make sure they match. If they don’t, cancel the ride no matter how good the reason or excuse the driver gives sound.

While on the ride, share your itinerary with a close trusted friend or family member.

Always sit at the back and pay attention to the route you’re being taken. NEVER sit beside the driver in the front seat.

Always have cash (minimum 5k) inside your wallet, a working ATM card and your work ID (or any form of official means of identification)

Never leave your drink unattended. If you must go to the bathroom, finish your drink first or get another one when you come back.

If you’re meeting up with someone for the first, second or third time, make sure you meet in public places. (restaurants, bars, etc) not their homes. If you’re invited to a house party by someone you just met, make sure you go at least an hour late, with a friend and all previously outlined precautions taken.

NEVER rely on your date to drive you home. If you’re not hanging out with known and trusted friends, keep your drinking to a minimum so that you can call your cab by yourself and stay woke during the ride home.

Things you must have in your purse:

Your cell phone
A portable charger /power bank
Your ID
ATM Card
Pocket Knife
Pepper Spray

Remember, you’re not under any obligation to be nice. If someone creeps you out, makes you uncomfortable, YOU’RE ALLOWED TO LEAVE. Yes. LEAVE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DATE. Trust me, they’ll get over it. Go into the bathroom, call a friend, order a cab and wait in there until your cab arrives.

While you’re out, please look out for your fellow women. If you spot the signs of discomfort, try to help discreetly.

Finally, remember on the streets of Lagos at night, Police is not your friend.

Stay safe sisters. Your safety is in your own hands.

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