About Jack Dorsey And His Nose Ring In Lagos

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has been in Lagos for a few days and he recently visited the university of Lagos and met with the Vice Chancellor in his office, where he was warmly welcomed by the school’s Management Team.

This is a good thing for the school because the school was able to show off some of it’s tech programs and Jack participated in a small interractive session with select students. Great stuff.

The thing is though;

Jack wears a nose ring. Jack has tattoos.

Why is that important?

It’s not.

But you see, our prestigious University of Lagos (and a lot of other Nigerian universities)  would never allow a male student who looks like Jack in the premises.  If such student does make it in, he’s likely to be kicked out of class for looking ‘irresponsible’ and will not even dream of approaching the senate building that houses the Vice Chancellor’s office.

I find it quite interesting how Jack was  welcomed and revered by the same people who would kick out a young male student with earrings or tattoos and call him irresponsible.

The same people who make stupid rules telling adults in a university what to wear and what not to wear because somehow in their minds dressing is somehow tied to “morality”.

Those of you who are UNILAG students, can you wear a nose ring and tattoos and be allowed to enter the senate building? Do you think you will even be allowed in class without some lecturer labelling you what you are not?

I’m commenting on this because this is a clear example of our hypocrisy and internerlized racism.

Jack is welcome because he’s a white man and when we see white skin, all our biases fly out the window. Not just that he’s white, he’s also rich.

How many people in the VC’s office we’re there thinking Jack is ‘irresponsible’ because of his tattoos and nose ring?

Outside of the University, a Nigerian male with body art and jwellery will most likely be picked on, illegally arrested and branded a criminal just because he “looks like he’s irresponsible”.

Jack is not African so it is not his culture to wear nose rings. African men wore nose rings, ear rings and beads. They Painted their faces and colored their bodies before the white man came and called them barbaric, so think again before you say “but it is not in our culture”. Know your own history.

We need to end this culture of hypocritical prejudice. Let people express themselves the way they want. ‘Morality’ and ‘responsibility’ are not values you can measure based on physical appearance. Stop that nonsense.


  • Salami Kazeem

    Dear Fola,

    While I share your concern of our overbearing pessimism of alternative values, allowing Dorcy into Unilag is all about success.
    He’s a successful businessman with a nose ring and tattoo. I want to emphasize that a young man of Nigerian descent with nose job and tattoo along with extraordinary business success would also have been given entry into Unilag or any other university for that matter.
    Salami K..

  • Anonymous

    I think you can only reasonable make that assumption if Jack was a white student at uni Lag, then it would most definately be internalized racism. However Jack, 1. Is not a student but guest at uniLag 2. Is a very successful and highly respected business man and CEO, so it is obvious why he would be welcomed. I think any person with these 2 combinations will be welcomed as a guest at uniLag regardless of race.

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