I Didn’t Make Science Class; But I’m Here & I’m Winning!

When I was growing up and in secondary school, it was not ‘cool’ to want to study anything outside medicine, law, engineering or accounting.

Subjects like literature and history, were seen to be cheap and a cop out of ‘serious’ subjects like physics and chemistry and mathematics.

Students like me were not particularly seen as smart because we were not in ‘science class’.

To be in science class was to be in an elite group of ‘intelligent students’. The ones who will gain admissions to university. It was a thing parents even bragged with. “Tolu is in science class. He’s going to study medicine.”

Being put in ‘arts class’ was like a downgrade. Teachers assigned you to art class because you didn’t score high in the science subjects.

Your parents were low-key disappointed but they love you anyway, and if they were super special, they didn”t let you see how disappointed they really were.

Students like me, we read fiction, biographies and autobiographies, read poetry, wrote essays, joined the press club, excelled at debates, explored our creativity, discovered our talents and here we are.

Studying the arts and humanities was destined for me. It agreed with my personality and temperament. Every book I read, every subject I studied contributed to who I am and what I do today.

At the moment, I develop and produce content for digital and traditional  media, I’m a broadcast journalist and a host of other things.

I love what I do and I’m incredibly good at it.

When I look back and remember the many times I was told the only option for an ‘art student’ was to study law, I laugh at the foolishness of it all.

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