Did @BrymOlawale Bring It At Terra Arena Last Night? Yup! He ‘Brung’ It All Right!

It’s an open secret that BRYMO lovers will follow him to the ends of the earth if need be; and so it’s not really news that Terra Arena was packed out last night.

But then, there’s something else. The crowd was slightly different from the #OrganisedChaos crowd. There were scatterings of expatriates and more than a good number of ‘over 40s’; but great music is a leveler as we all grooved, yelled, danced and sang along.


The opening acts were impressive. Two young relatively unknowns; Asikey and Celeste opened the stage and we were treated to some alternative soul music. I was particularly impressed with Celeste as she used a familiar Yoruba folklore to create a great song we all enjoyed.

For the second time in a row, I’m seeing CLAY on a BRYMO stage and last night, she was entertaining as usual. I have to say this though, it’s time she records more songs and promote them properly so she can stop doing covers at gigs. She definitely performed her own songs but not a lot of people know the songs and that’s telling for an artiste who has been in the game for about 5 years.

I was looking forward to seeing Skata Vibration and I wasn’t disappointed. This eclectic band of 4, PLAYED music. So much talent, so much creativity expressed with a couple of electric guitars, drums and minimal vocals. It was beautiful to watch.

Skata Vibration

And the magic moment when BRYMO walked in, looking like your groove loving Yoruba uncle, and singing ‘Jungle Fever’. As usual, he was the lead singer and we were his back up singers. Favorite ballads from the ‘Oso’ album got us all in our feelings and when he turned up the heat with Fe Mi, One Pound, Alajo Shomolu and Prick No Get Shoulder, BRYMO had us all on our feet.

Honestly, it’s hard to sit down when that man is on stage. Why would you want to remain seated in the presence of such greatness, such beauty, such boundless creative genius? (okay someone stop me now) 😀

No matter how many times I watch BRYMO sing “Olanrewaju”, it will never get old. I also got to hear “Banuso” one of my favorites. Needless to say, my heart was full.

Now here’s the thing I have come to expect at a BRYMO show; 5pm actually means 7pm. I don’t like it and I’m sure a lot of people don’t too. People have a habit of showing up early for BRYMO’s shows because they want to catch every little thing but when they are kept waiting for close to two hours, it’s not very respectful.

BRYMO darling, if you planned for the show to start at 7pm, don’t put 5pm on your posters. Say something “like doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm.” Don’t let us get used to this.

I also wanted to punch the sound engineers last night. How dare you guys? The first few minutes of BRYMO’s opening was a struggle because his microphone was too low. I was about to throw a fit but eventually they got it right. It could have been better though. One of the beautiful things about BRYMO’s shows is that we have come to expect the kind of sound quality we experience on the record so please don’t start letting us down now.

I also think the contemporary dancers should have been given more stage time when they come out on the song ‘Rere Run’. There were two dancers who were absolutely great but before we could take it all in, their routine was over. They didn’t even finish the song!

One of them was dancing in the dark for God’s sake! I could only see her because I was in the front row.

The spotlights are there for a reason, those lights should have been on them and they should have stretched their routine for the entire song. It would have provided a refreshing difference to the showing.

Three hours of great music and by the time BRYMO sat on the keyboard to play his last song, I was completely sated and satisfied. It had been a great night, but I know I’m ready for another dose of BRYMO at #OrganisedChaos.

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