Guest Post : Oga Pastor, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense!

Women have been saddled with the responsibility of bearing the burden of the reckless actions of men for millennia and each time we make advancement in dismantling these damaging traditions, there’s a pastor or some other religious leader, waiting to undo all our progress with a single sermon.

A couple of weeks ago, we saw a pastor stand before a congregation and blame women for men’s promiscuity.

We saw him describe men as beings with uncontrollable sexual impulses who depend on women for reminders of self control.

This point of view sadly held by a largely patriachial religious community, is very damaging for women.

Women constantly have to act as nurturers, reminders, therapists, chaperones, conductors, prayer warriors, ego masseuse, burden bearers and more, in order to keep grown men in check and prevent them from “looking outside.”

To be honest, we are tired of this storyline.

When we are raped, we are accused of perpetrating our own assault by “tempting” predators and our rapists suddenly become victims of our “temptation.”

When our man cheats, we are advised to check ourselves and do better and pray him away from his philandering.

We want to know why the so-called “superior sex” cannot be held to superior standards.

We are tired of bearing the burden of their shame.

We are tired of watching men get absolved of accountability and having the spotlight of their actions focused on us.

We are tired of expecting imperfection from the very people who require us to be perfect.

We are tired of hearing “men are wired like that” and “men are polygamous in nature”.

How do you expect women to believe that men are wired to be promiscuous and are natural cheaters and then curse them for saying “men are trash”?

Women are sick and tired of hearing the echoes of this poorly constructed, sick, twisted and illogical narrative designed to deny men accountability.

The “logical gender” has to do better.

We are sick of religion being used as a tool to blindfold us.

We are tired of your self-acclaimed pastors and their constant, subtle promotion of mental and social retrogression through their poorly cooked messages.

We will question, criticize and condemn them without fear.


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