A little Thought About Feeling ‘Used’…

For a long time, I had a problem with “being used.”

You know that situation where people come to you for reasons that benefit them alone.

From “picking your brain” for ideas, to asking you to use your skills and sometimes providing your intellectual property. Your time, energy, sometimes emotional labour is spent and when they’ve gotten what they wanted, it’s like you don’t exist.

I used to feel bad about this.

I don’t anymore.

You see, I’ve come to view life from a different perspective. Someone once said “people only come to a tree that has fruits”

Nobody gives a rat about an empty individual.

So when I get some of those coy and sometimes blatant “usey” requests, I don’t feel offended. I actually take another look at myself and give myself a high five for being so super amazing.

No need to be looking for accolades. The accolade is in the asking.

I think I should also note here that this doesn’t mean I won’t turn down requests that will sap my strength or distract me from my own life and business.

If I can’t, I can’t.

So, don’t feel used. Feel blessed.


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