For The Strong And Tired…


It’s okay to be tired. You are not wonder woman.  You are human. Not a fictional all knowing, all powerful, freakishly strong larger than life character. Family, friends and colleagues might treat you that way sometimes, but your body and soul will tell you the truth when the pressure keeps piling.

Being strong is good but it has its downsides.  Very few people stop to ask you if you’re okay. Very few people stop to consider your needs and there’s a general assumption that you are always fine.

Well, because you and I know better, here are ways you can de-stress and take care of yourself when you feel that pressure. These tips have helped and are still helping me and I believe they’ll help you too.

  1. JOURNAL: Writing down my worries help be de-clutter my mind and keep things in perspective.  I write down my prayers in a prayer journal too. Somehow, I find those writing moments rather intimate with God and I can tell you, he hears me. He’ll hear you too.
  2. SLEEP:  Inadequate sleep affects your mood and increases your stress. Migraines and general malaise are also a side effect of inadequate sleep, not to talk of the general loss of productivity. Take a weekend off to sleep and sleep well.  Turn off the phone. Have a hot bath and draw the blinds.
  3. LOG OUT:  Of everything!  Log off social media, Netflix , log off your computer, Turn off the TV,  log off the neighbours etc. The constant buzz of media and information around us contribute to our mental state.  Give yourself some peace and quiet, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

People will deal with their emergencies whether you are there or not so you can’t let someone else’s panic or issues raise your own anxiety level.  Take time out for you. You need it!


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