@ShonowoHospital Partners With HACEY HEALTH INITIATIVE To #EndMalaria

Almost everyone has experienced a mosquito bite. Beyond being an annoyance, mosquitoes are carriers of some disease pathogens that afflict humans.

One of such diseases is malaria—a disease that still claims the life of one child every two minutes, despite tremendous progress in recent decades.

Malaria is transmitted through the bite of the female anopheles mosquito.

Currently, Nigeria accounts for about a third of all malaria cases in the world, and pregnant women and children under 5 are still very vulnerable as malaria is a major cause of maternal and infant mortality.

Grossly underrated, malaria is one of the deadliest diseases even though it’s highly preventable and treatable if diagnosed early.

As part of SHONOWO hospital’s commitment to Maternal and infant health, they have partnered with HACEY HEALTH INITIATIVE, to prevent malaria by providing public health information and education and free distribution of treated mosquito nets at vulnerable communities.

On Thursday 25th October, one hundred mothers will receive free treated mosquito nets and special consideration for consultation and treatment will be available for pregnant women.

Venue is SHONOWO HOSPITAL premises at No 6 Aiyegbami street, off Funmilayo bus stop, Agege Lagos

Time – 9am

Attendance is free.

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