How @BrymOlawale Served It All At #OragnisedChaos

Electric. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think about BRYMO’s performance at his concert yesterday.

There was a time the Nigerian music audience was sold the lie that a music concert without a thousand mile long list of supporting acts, comedy intermissions and whatever else won’t give the concert goer the ultimate experience, but BRYMO keeps putting that ridiculous theory to shame.

A three hour concert with 3 opening acts and BRYMO giving his audience one full hour of music, I can tell you it was way better than your favorite artiste’s over hyped and under delivered EKO Hotel jamboree.

Nigerian percussionist, WURA SAMBA opened the stage with a refreshingly different sound. The Yoruba infused lyrics and heavy Bata drums made me forget my home training for a while as my butt proved to me she has a mind of her own. WURA SAMBA is indeed, the mastero of the African samba dance music.



The tempo had risen, and we were in full gyration mode. Then came the rock chick.
CLAY; She’s called. I’m not exactly a stranger to her music but I admit I was a bit nervous for her because I’ve seen her play the mainstream stage and the reception has always been mixed.

But apparently Brymo knew what he was doing by putting her on because this audience loved her and she totally rocked out! Opening her set with a cover of the classic “I love rock and roll” dressed in black biker chick outfit and whipping her long silver blond weave, CLAY had us enthralled as she performed her popular “Ogadisinma” single.

CLAY at Organised Chaos

Just when we thought we couldn’t take it anymore, we were served with another helping of pure delightful music; IBEJI.

IBEJI at organised chaos

A blend of highlife, soul and Afro beat, IBEJI was definitely a discovery for me. I must admit I was envious of the fans around me who obviously are no stranger to his music as they sang along with every word. I could only watch wide eyed with awe.

Did I mention he had on a gigantic ‘fro and his shoes are absolutely gorgeous? He looked like a character from a 60’s African American movie. 😀

At this point, the excitement was at fever pitch and while waiting for BRYMO, the fans had already started singing the chorus of popular BRYMO hits like “Fe mi”. “one pound” and when they couldn’t hold it anymore, chants of Brymo! Brymo! rented the air.

Finally he emerged. Dressed in white and surrounded by a cloud of smoke, he came on stage and gave everyone what they’ve been thirsting for. Belting out song after song from the recently released OSO album, BRYMO got the crowd singing along with every word. We were his back up singers, he led and we chorused.

When the chords of “Alajo Shomolu ” started playing, all decorum went out the window. We just couldn’t get enough.

Did I mention that BRYMO’s band is called “The Lagos Touts”? 😀

By the way, if you’re reading this BRYMO, give that guy on the electric guitar a hefty raise!

There were a few let downs though. Even the great BRYMO could not conquer the “African time” demon that plague our events.

Stage design and lightning was beautiful but compared to Last year’s concert, the sound could do better. It took nothing away from the overall  experience though.

Fan loyalty was evident last night. A very good percentage of the crowd (including me) turned up in Brymo Tees.

BRYMO is building a legacy. A legacy of great content and a commitment to giving his lovers the best of himself.

Like an ardent fan, I can only scream MORE!


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