GAMIE! Living, Loving & Inspiring Without Limits…

The first time I heard him, I knew there was something different about him. It was a 3 minutes love song I found on a random gospel music blog.

“Hello Ma,” he rapped.

The ability to paint pictures with words, deliver on melody, rhyme with reason, stay on the message and still pop with the best of them is not something you find everywhere and anywhere.

GAMIE does that. He speaks his truth. Consistently and eloquently.

I found him on a gospel music blog and he stayed in that space for a while, but over the years, I’ve watched him break out of the mould, step out of the box that genre sometimes put his mates in, and create space for himself.

His music is Hip Hop. His message crosses boundaries from social commentary to inspiration, and his sound is urban.

His double album release in 2015 (Beyond Words and T. T. S. S) was a journey into the incredible mind that is GAMIE.

Since then, he’s unleashed his creativity on us without limits and we’re here for it. We’ve met GAMIE the preacher, We’ve met GAMIE the rapper, We’ve met GAMIE the poet, We’ve met GAMIE the music producer and there’s still so much more to discover.

GAMIE says he’s here to live, love and inspire and I dare say I’m with him every step of the way.

Find him here:

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