The Church ‘Under Attack’? OK Then! Let It Be!

The religious establishment felt under attack when Jesus started calling them out on their hypocrisy and selfishness.

The church felt under attack the moment Martin Luther posted his thesis on the door and called out the extortion of the poor and sale of indulgences.

If the 21st century church is feeling under attack today, it’s because capitalist Christianity and Pentecostalism is a cancer that must be uprooted and burned.

The questions being asked are uncomfortable. Your favorite religious leaders and mentors are being scrutinized and it’s scary. I understand. It’s painful. But it’s necessary.

This tower of corruption we have erected needs to be pulled down. The church is not an idol. It’s a body that must grow. While growing, it must be trimmed and pruned, impurities taken out and the process won’t always be pleasant.

This is not about individuals. It’s about our collective souls and what should be the most important thing to us all. Living and loving like Jesus lived and loved.

So if the church as an establishment need to be attacked to save it from imploding, by all means, let’s attack that establishment so we can save what is most important: Christianity.

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