34 And Gratefully Counting…

I had been dreading this day for some weeks now.  I used to look forward to the 21st July of every year because it’s my birthday and it’s always been special.

But somehow, this year’s birthday didn’t really fill me with excitement.  I dreaded the happy wishes, the phone calls, the ‘joyful’ responses I’ll have to muster to respond to the myraid of Social Media well wishers, the smiles I’ll have to give as co workers wish me a happy birthday…

Thinking about it alone got me exhausted.

Why wasn’t i excited about my birthday? Maybe because this year and the previous one has been a tough one physically and emotionally or maybe it’s because i still don’t have all the things I  expected to have had by now.

I feel like I’m still trying to find a sure footing after getting off a rollercoaster.  Did good things happen?  Oh yes!

My career is growing, my business is getting more traction and I can actually see my path to my professional dreams.

As usual, i have been hurt by friends, i have made some not so cool decisions and i haven’t saved as much as i should.

But taking a second look,  I can see that there’s  so much to be grateful for and to be happy about.  I have been blessed with a good network of supportive friends,  good health and opportunities for growth are continuously opening up.

Most importantly, God has constantly given me platforms and privileges to be a blessing to others and i have been greatly fulfilled by doing that.

I’m not yet who i want to be but I’m on my way there. I might not have everything, (who does anyway? ) but i do have some things. True love might yet elude me, but I’m opening myself to love and taking charge of my happiness.

I’m learning not be let society’s expectations of who i should be define how i live my life and what makes me happy.

It’s been a tough one year but it’s also been a good year full of valuable life lessons I’m grateful for.

So at the end of the day,  i can sit back on my sofa,  sip on cheap grape juice, smile and wish myself a happy birthday.




  • Ife OmoAkin

    Interestingly I look forward to ur birthdays; gives me 2 fond memories: U share same day with my “late wife” and 2. Same uyea with our last daughter.
    So here’s wishing you Happy Birthday, continue in God’s hands and grace. Life in no Sprint but a marathon. It is well with you.

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