Dear Men; A Quick Reminder..


Dear men, please when you find yourself on a queue and a woman is in front of you, please do not press your body against hers from behind.

When you’re sitting in a bus beside a woman, don’t “use style” to rub the side of her breasts with your elbows.

When you climb Okada with a woman in front of you, don’t press your crotch against her behind.

When you notice another man do this, don’t chuckle to yourself and look away.  Speak up and let him know this behavior is wrong.

When you find yourself about to engage in this indiciplined and abusive behavior, remind yourself that you don’t have to be a pervert. That your aroused penis should not replace your brain.

Remind yourself that the woman in front of you or beside you is a human being worthy of respect and not an object that exists for your sexual gratification.


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  • Fola Raheem

    It’s a bold statement with the potency of maintaining order in the public space. However, sexual harassment doesn’t really know sex. It is pervasive across sex lines.

    Women sef get dem own. Lol

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