Being Kind To Me..

KINDNESS:  Defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Synonyms: goodwillaffectionwarmthgentlenesstendernessconcerncareconsiderationthoughtfulness, unselfishness, altruismcompassionsympathyunderstanding, etc

Someone twitted recently and said; “be kind to yourself”.  Simple statement but it got me thinking.

How do I treat me ?

I recently learned that the way I treat myself , the decisions and choices I make are oftentimes a reaction from what I think about me.  How I allow others to treat me is a reflection of how I feel about me.

Years of internalizing thoughts of unworthiness , insecurity and pain had damaged so much but the recovery process has been amazing.  Now I’m conscious of what I’m constantly thinking about myself.

Like a whole lot of people, when I think about being kind, it’s usually about an emotionally driven action directed towards other people.  I hardly ever stop to think to treat myself kindly . In fact,  I’m more inclined to judging myself more harshly and setting a higher standard for me.

But how has it helped my emotional growth?

Constantly berating myself for mistakes made, not taking time to understand my own uniqueness and process is mentally exhausting.

I’m discovering the road to better emotional health is learning to treat myself with consideration, compassion and forgiveness. To be kind to ME.



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