#MTVShugaInRealLife Documentary Premieres Tonight!

From our homes, schools, religious institutions and among friends, the issues surrounding sexual and reproductive health are crying to be discussed, and media and entertainment have proven to be a strong channel to help drive home the important messages to reeducate and inform the previously uninformed.

Through The #MTVShuga Television drama and #MTVShugaInRealLife documentary series, the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, draws attention to HIV awareness and prevention,  reproductive health, gender equality,  sexual and domestic violence and girl child education.

The stories are relatable because they are drawn from real issues affecting real people.

The documentary has real life couples discussing contraceptives,  real life young people talking about their experiences with transactional sexual relationships and it even covers issues of underage marriage in Northern Nigeria.

#MTVShugaNaija is partnered with HELLO LAGOS; an Adolescent/Youth Sexual Reproductive Health and development unit under the Lagos state Ministry of Health.

HELLO LAGOS was established in May 2002 to cater for young people in Lagos and is expected to bridge the gap by providing a “safe and confidential centre for young people” to talk about and get useful information on sexual and reproductive health .

The #MTVShugaInRealLife documentary airs tonight at 9:30pm on MTVBASE Channel 322 on DSTV.

Keep tabs on the conversation by following the hashtag #MTVShugaNaija on all social media platforms.

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